Discover Our Outdoor Table Selection

If you’re in need of an outdoor table to fit your bar, restaurant or café but are struggling to find exactly what you need, then you might want to pay a visit to Café Solutions. With a large online presence and physical warehouses in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, customers can check out our stock in person or download our extensive catalogue.

So what should you be looking for in the perfect outdoor table? Here are some pointers

It’s got to be commercial-grade

While there is a comprehensive range of retail-grade outdoor tables and chairs available – many of which tick all the right boxes in terms of price, size and design – you’ll need to bear in mind that retail-grade tables aren’t designed for commercial use. That means that they aren’t made to withstand the rigours of a busy restaurant, bar or café and as a result, you may be forking out for new café furniture quicker than you think.

Conversely, all commercial-grade furniture in Australia has to be put through a rigorous testing process. They are stronger, can withstand thousands of hours of use. Also and typically, they’re designed to be scratch, spill and fade resistant. In other words, they’re generally built to last! So always ask the question before you buy.

It should be stackable

Ideally, any outdoor table used on an outdoor terrace area should be stackable. This makes it easy to clean down your terrace as and when you need to – or, during the winter season you can store them away for safekeeping if you plan to seat customers inside only.

It needs to work for you

Exterior tables come in a variety of shapes sizes and dimensions ranging from cosy ‘tables-for-two’ through to larger outback dining tables. However, choose an outdoor table that maximises your profit without compromising too much on space. This may mean mixing and matching tables to get a perfect balance. Whether you adopt a uniform approach with tables in perfect rows, or whether you’re all about casual dining with a casual table plan to match, it needs to work for you.

Our outdoor tables at Café Solutions

The right outdoor table can really make or break your outdoor space. Imagine a row of white 800mm marble-look square tables set against the backdrop of interspersing shrubs and hedges for that fresh Mediterranean feel. Alternatively, consider a table in rich Shesman -look timber paired with simple white crockery for a more formal approach. Or, if you want something really dramatic, alternate white marble tables with Alacantara black marble to give a stunning monochrome effect. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that we have an outdoor table for you.

Why choose Isotop?

Al our outdoor tables are what are known as Isotop tables. The fact is that an Isotop table really is the ‘crème de la crème’ of outdoor café furniture for several reasons.

Strength and durability

While most commercial grade tables are classed as hard-wearing, Isotop tables really are the kings of strength and durability. So how strong are they? How about virtually indestructible!

An Isotop outdoor table is scratch-proof, water-resistant and stain proof. It is impermeable to any kind of corrosive substances and if that isn’t enough it’s heat resistant too. Tables of this nature are designed not to fade, warp or crack in the sun and they can even withstand a cigarette being put out on them.

Not low maintenance but NO maintenance

When you buy an Isotop outdoor table, it comes already treated. This means that all it needs to keep it looking great is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. No staining, no painting and no varnishing, just great looking café furniture for many years to come.

The perfect weight

You’d be forgiven for thinking that something as indestructible as an Isotop outdoor table needs to be a colossal weight, but you’d be wrong. While they are heavy enough to remain in place should a strong gust of wind pick up, they are light enough to be picked up and moved around without too much hassle.  The perfect outdoor table with the perfect weight!

Finally, they come in a wide variety of choices

Whether you want a rich wood tone, a marble finish or even a cement look, Isotop outdoor tables come in a wide variety of finishes. All have contoured edges for safety and all look incredibly like the real material. In fact whatever your outdoor table requirements, you can trust that we have an Isotop table with your name on it!

To find out more about our range of exterior tables chairs and other café furniture, take a look at what Café Solutions has to offer. Visit our stores or download our catalogue online. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!