Quality Replica Tolix Bar Stools – They’re Better Than You Think!

tolix bar stoolsIf you like the thought and style of Tolix bar stools – yet, are struggling to come to terms with their cost, then why not consider a replica alternative.

Tolix chairs are an iconic piece of furniture originally made famous by French designer Xavier Pauchard. When the first chairs came into production back in 1934, they quickly became favourites of restaurants, bistros and café’s throughout France. Even today, and millions of sales later, this durable and popular chair is now made in bar stool form, making it one of the most popular commercial chairs available. Today the chair is part of collections at some of the most prominent centres of design and technology such as MoMA in New York, the Vitra Design Centre in Germany, and the Pompidou centre in Paris.

So why are Tolix chairs and Tolix bar stools so popular?

Aside from gracing the interiors of Parisian bars and cafés for more than 75 years a Tolix bar stool or chair ticks all the boxes that you need a café chair to do. It’s rugged yet sleek, it’s designed to be used either outdoors or inside, and with the special galvanisation process -pioneered by Pauchard, it’s built to last. In fact, considering they were originally built as a very simple and cheap form of seating, many have lasted the distance.

The problem is that original Tolix stools are no longer the cheap throw-away item that they once were and in reality, a brand new original can set you back a couple of hundred dollars. While that may be fine if you’re looking to purchase one or two for your home, it’s a different story when seeking to buy multiple Tolix bar stools for your café/restaurant or bistro.

At Café Solutions, we have the answer!

Our Tolix-inspired bar stools are equally well designed and well-made; and for lovers of industrial modernism, they make the perfect accompaniment, but at a fraction of the price of a Tolix original. Manufactured using powder-coated steel, they stay true to the design of  Xavier Pauchard’s ‘A-framed’ original, and coming in a wide variety of colours, they offer that rare combination of simplistic flair and practicality.

Ultimately replica Tolix bar stools are heavy-duty, robust, and stackable – just like the original, and offer restaurant, bar and café owners 3 different heights to choose from. This means that they look just as good when grouped casually around a high-bar table or when lined up underneath a sleek bar countertop. So whether you embrace industrial modernism or a funky retro style, we have just the Tolix-inspired bar stool for you.

Tolix Bar Stools – Your Style, Your Way!

If you’re a traditionalist who doesn’t like your iconic designs tampered with, then our replica Tolix stools in matte black (an original colour) or gun-metal grey, give a simple but effective industrial feel. For those who want to go a little more upmarket, we have our replica Tolix bar stools with contrasting cushions for that added comfort. If on the other hand you’re a little bit anti-establishment and don’t mind shaking things up, then we have a stunning selection of steel-framed replica Tolix bar stools with rich timber seating. Alternatively, why not funk it up a little with Tolix-inspired bar stools in vibrant colours such as burnt orange, sunburst yellow or pillbox red.

To find out more about our wide range of replica Tolix bar stools, then visit our Café Solutions site and browse our catalogue online.  Alternatively, if you would prefer to see a selection of Tolix stools first hand, then we have 3 showrooms located in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne where you can test them out for durability, comfort and general fit.