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Side Businesses/Supporting Other Local Businesses

The fourth quarter of the year is when most businesses derive their annual revenue due to holiday shopping. The corona pandemic has affected many side businesses causing them to struggle to stay afloat.

As consumers, you can make conscious decisions that will aid in supporting local businesses; doing this will keep their economic engine going even if they encounter little sputtering.

In this article, you will be enlightened on how you can support side and local businesses. Local business is the heart of any hometown; it creates jobs for the unemployed, offers a plethora of goods and services to select from, and also supports local charities.

Truthfully, most individuals that support local businesses see it as an excuse to purchase an item they want, which is okay, but doing this isn’t the only way to appreciate the local and side businesses you love.

Ways To Support Side/Local Businesses

1) Through Social Media: One of the most valuable marketing tools for side and local businesses is word of mouth. Share your local restaurant menus or links to online events or classes you might have spotted online that will interest others.

Engage in small gestures like following your favorite restaurants on their social media handles and sharing their content on your social media profile/page.

2) Purchase Gift Cards And Vouchers: This is one of the best ways to patronise local and side businesses. Allow your friends and families to discover all the local and side businesses around you by offering them free vouchers.

3) Leave Positive Reviews: Leaving positive reviews on the social media pages of local businesses is free. The benefits of doing this cannot be overemphasised. 

So if you have any good experience in a cafe, restaurant, or bar, let others know by leaving a positive review.

4) Offer Your Services: If you specialise or have a particular skill local and side businesses may need, feel free to offer your services—for example, content creation, web & graphics designs, copywriting, and more.

You can offer any of these services at a reduced price or as part of skill swapping.

Benefits Of Supporting Other Local And Side Businesses 

1) It Strengthens The Economy: Local businesses form a significant part of a country’s economy. Local & side businesses are creators of jobs as they hire individuals who live in the same area instead of hiring individuals commuting from long distances.

Furthermore, the money you spend at a local shop stays in that community. Also, sourcing locally eliminates the carbon footprint of products, produce, and supplies, so they put money back into the local economy.

2) It Offers An Outstanding Experience: Not only does shopping locally strengthen the economy, you are likely to find unique and original products. Rather than the standard experienced product a chain offers, local businesses can offer what you can’t find anywhere else.

On A Final Note;

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