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Small Stools and Why You’ll Love Them

Small stools are surprisingly versatile and make a useful addition to any café, bar, or restaurant. While they started life in small independent coffee shops, you’re sure to find them in large chain coffee shops and restaurants around the world.

We’ve put together a few ways in which you can make small stools work for you.

Use them at communal tables

Communal dining tables are an established feature in many of today’s cafes and restaurants and while they’re often paired with benches we like to see small stools used instead.

Small stools take up far less room than bulky bench seats and make the table feel more spacious. They’re also easier to move around and use than bench seats. Doing away with a back and other details of a traditional chair also help to create a more flexible, casual dining space. Compared to benches, small stools also have a small footprint than most bench seats and their individual use makes for more of a personal experience.

Use them to add personality

Generally speaking, small stools are a smaller investment when compared to chairs, and depending on their style, material, and colour they can make a visual statement in what might otherwise be a neutral space.

Using small stools to add colour and interest into a dull or awkward space can totally transform it and before you know it, it’s become an area that your customers flock to.

There is nothing boring about our small replica Tolix stools. Bursting with colour and that iconic design, not only are they functional, but customers just adore them.

Use them for multi-use spaces

While multi-use furniture is all the rage now, so too is a multi-use space within a café. Customers have varied and changing needs, and the good news is that small stools can be easily moved around to meet those needs. Chairs or other heavy items which are not designed to have the same functionality can cause damage to other products in the same space when guests try to move them around themselves. However, by installing small stools, it eliminates that risk.

Another small stool that is popular with our customers is the small hairpin stool. This cute stool features a round timber seat and red metal hairpin legs. Delivered ready assembled and go to go, they’re also stackable which makes them a good choice if you’re looking for additional seating to be brought out at your busy times. Simply stack them and you can store them in a small cupboard or corridor when they’re not needed.

Why not browse our selection of small stools in our online store or drop into one of our showrooms based in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney to try them out for size yourself.