Stainless Steel Benches

high angle photo of metal surface

Setting up your commercial space is an excellent investment regardless of your business type, which means you’ll eventually need stainless steel benches in your space. 

If you’re in the food industry or catering business, having stainless steel benches is a must; it is a beneficial addition to your restaurant, kitchen, hotel, etc. In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of stainless steel benches. 

Standard Depth And Dimension Of Stainless Steel Benches 

Although it is obvious to check the dimensions of the commercial stainless steel benches you’re ordering, it is vital to know the standard sizes so you can plan your commercial space layout accurately. 

All commercial stainless steel benches have a general standard depth of; 

  • 60cm (600mm)  
  • 75cm (750mm) 

Its numerous widths and lengths include; 

  • 90cm 
  • 120cm 
  • 150cm 
  • 180cm  
  • 210cm  
  • 240 cm

Almost all the commercial stainless steel benches have a 90cm height and adjustable feet. 

Unique Benefits Of Stainless Steel Benches For Commercial Use 

Heavy-duty stainless steel is an iron alloy that is strong, durable, food-safe, attractive, and corrosion-resistant. Our stainless steel benches come with splashback 750mm X 1800m,  750mm X 1500m,  750mm X 1200m, and more.

Cafe Solutions stainless steel benches offer numerous benefits;

1. Easy To Clean.

Cleaning any surfaces in kitchens or medical settings can be tasking. Work surfaces with stainless steel make cleaning easier than most materials. It allows you to maintain cleanliness standards in your industrial workspaces and kitchens. 

Chemical residues, grime, and dirt do not stick to stainless steel benches, making it easy to scrub contaminants with general household cleaning products. Its easy cleanability has made it a popular choice for commercial use. 

Note, avoid scrubbing your stainless steel benches with abrasive sponges or steel wool; it can scratch your bench’s finish and also create tiny grooves that might grow bacteria.

2. Increased Longevity.

Because of the durability of stainless steel and its ability to resist rust, stainless steel benches last for an extended period, especially when compared to benches made with plastic and wood. 

Initially, it can be more expensive than other types of steel, but it is an excellent long-term investment. Its long-term utility can offset the initial cost. 

 3. Modern Appearance.

Stainless steel benches have a stylish and modern appearance. It can display an aesthetically pleasing view and a contemporary tone to complement any fixtures in your workshop or commercial kitchen.

If you want your stainless steel benches to look decorative, go for a polished finish; if you want a more industrial style or look, choose a brushed or matte finish.

4. Increased Strength.

Stainless steel alloys come in various types, but those for commercial use are prized for their competitive abilities, strength, and extreme tensile. 

Stainless steel benches are not only durable and robust, but they can also withstand heavy loads. 

On A Final Note;

Cafe Solutions is home for all your commercial stainless steel benches and sinks. We stock various sizes of stainless steel benches. Visit our website now to pre-order; we are available to serve you.