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Café Stools in Melbourne – Types and Choices Explained

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When it comes to café stools, Melbourne café owners are spoiled for choice. You only have to do a quick search online to discover the vast array of seating available, From the popular retro Tolix stools through to the ‘tres chic’ Parisian stool, there is something for everyone.

Whether you’re in the market for taller café stools to group around dry bar tables for some casual al-fresco relaxing, some medium height stools placed underneath a sleek bar top to complete a look, or smaller stools to place under standard height café tables, you don’t have to look very far to find just what you need.

But with all that choice available, what should you look for?

Commercial grade

Let’s face it, Melburnians have embraced the café culture like no other city and as such, good cafés that serve great (or even good) coffee can get very busy indeed. This means that your café furniture is likely to get a lot of wear and tear. For this reason, residential-style café stools – similar to the type that surrounds your average breakfast bar – simply won’t cut the mustard. Despite the fact that they may be cheaper in the short-term, commercial-grade café stools are stronger, more durable, and ultimately longer-lasting than their residential counterparts.

In addition, you can go one step further by seeking out café stools in Melbourne that have been AFRDI tested. AFRDI stands for the Australian, Furnishing, Research and Development Institute and means that they have been through the highest grade of rigorous testing and are signified by a blue tick.

The right size

This has already been eluded to in an earlier paragraph but not all café stools in Melbourne are the same. Different stools have different purposes. 46 cm stools, for example, are designed to fit comfortably underneath standard café tables for an informal dining experience. 66cm stools, on the other hand, are ideal for squeezing under a standard bar countertop, while 76 cm bar stools are made to fit casually around a dry bar table – think tall round tables people sit at when outside on a terrace. Ensuring that you first understand the right size for your needs will avoid much frustration.

Inside or outside?

Another point you’ll need to consider when looking for the right café stool in Melbourne is the purpose it is going to be used for. If your stools are going to be propping up an inside bar or counter, then it really doesn’t matter too much what material they’re made from – either, wood, steel or polycarbonate will suffice. However, if the stool is going to be used outside on a terrace or pavement then it needs to be able to withstand everything Australian weather can throw at it. You don’t, for instance, want your chair to fade or warp after a few months, so if you’re unsure, ask an expert about the best café stool for the job.

Back and armrests, or not?

While café stools with back and armrests give that extra bit of luxury your customers crave, there is a trade-off to be had. You need to give more space to those stools with arms, meaning you can’t expect to squeeze as many seats counter-side as you might if you had armless and backless stools.

In addition because of their design, you might find it hard to tuck them right under the bar when not in use and finally, while some stools with back and armrests will stack, many don’t, so this could be problematic if you need to store them at any time. While backless stools do give off a minimalist feel, if you are going for luxury, then you’ll no doubt want a stool a back and arms.

If you’re considering changing your café furniture or are opening up a new venue, check out our wide range of café stools. Melbourne venue owners will be pleased with the choice and the price. Contact the team at Café Solutions today or browse our extensive catalogue online.