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Supporting Your Local Community By Buying Local, Distributing Local Or Advertising Local Businesses

Buying local, distributing local, and advertising local businesses is a great way to be environmentally friendly and support your local community. 

By doing any of the above, you help stimulate the regional economy, support families, help create & retain valuable jobs, and strengthen your local community and culture.

Buying locally means purchasing products and items manufactured or grown near your business place. It also means that you are enlightened about quality control; you know fully the processes involved in making a product and how it meets stringent national and regional standards.

Purchasing products/goods outside your country makes it difficult for you to know the processes involved in manufacturing and if it contains harmful chemicals.

Additionally, buying local produce reduces all the transportation costs associated with all your purchases. Moreover, local items are more likely to remain fresh than items transported from long distances.

Why Support Your Local Community 

1) It Is A Fun Experience: Distributing or buying local produce offers a better customer experience. Local markets are fun environments full of live music, friendly people, fun activities, and free samples.

Buying from a chain grocery store can be a tiresome activity, but buying from local retailers or farmers is fun and exciting.

2) Better Product Quality: When you eat or buy local produce, you already know your meal didn’t travel 300 miles to get to you. Local food is more nutritious, fresher, and tastier than food products that have been in transit, storage, and packaging for days.

When food products have to travel to a far retailer, the local farmers pick them early, before it reaches their ripe peak. Also, local food vendors can harvest their produce at the right time resulting in a better taste.

The quality of produce is not just about taste; it’s about its health benefits. Buying locally has its health benefits because, by the time food sits in transit and storage, it loses all its vital nutrients before it gets to you and loses all its health benefits in the process.

3) Saves Money: Local products are less expensive than those found in grocery stores despite all assumptions, especially if you want to purchase high quality or organic products.

Since grocery store products require extra packaging and shopping, it becomes pricier when displayed on shelves.

4) Build Connection: Purchasing local products closes the space between the consumer, the manufacturer, and the farmer; this builds buyer to seller trust. 

You get to fully know the people producing and selling the food product you consume. It also gives room to learn more about food production-its seasons, the processes involved, and the local environment.

On A Final Note;

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