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Tolix Bar Stool – Something for Everyone

tolix bar stool

If you’re looking for a bar stool that’s brimming with personality, is practical and versatile then look no further than a Tolix bar stool. Tolix is an iconic brand with roots dating back to the 1930s and yet it still remains as popular today as it did all those years ago – this shows what a great design it was in the first place!

About Xavier Pauchard

Xavier Pauchard, the designer behind Tolix stools, was a pioneer of galvanisation in France and shortly after World War 1, he began to create all manner of galvanised sheet metal products for domestic use.

In 1927, he registered the name ‘Tolix’ and began to use his skills to design and create all types of metal furniture. Having designed the classic Tolix chair in 1934, it was rumoured that he was commissioned to design a stool for the employees of a French firm and that he made the stool in 3 heights to fit every size of employee. Whether that is true or not, the Tolix stool he created soon became popular throughout Paris in many of its bars and cafes.

Nowadays, an original Tolix stool would set you back quite a few dollars, but for those of you who love the designer look, you can always purchase a replica Tolix bar stool at a fraction of the price.

Explore our replica Tolix Bar Stools

Our replica Tolix stools are manufactured in the same way as the originals from sheet metal which is then powder coated to give it extra protection. They’re available in 3 sizes, small, medium, and tall and come in a variety of designs – all metal, with a timber seat, or with a cushioned seat.

Tolix stools are extremely versatile and ours come in a rainbow of bright colours including yellow, red, orange, apple green and sky blue. You can also purchase them in black or white as well as a variety of gorgeous metallic hues. No matter what your décor or theme, there’s a Tolix stool to suit.

Being light and portable, yet extremely strong, Tolix stools can be easily moved around to meet your customers’ needs and even stack for convenient storage. As well as for seating, our small stools can also be used as neat little side tables – just stand a tray on the top – and place them alongside a tub chair or sofa for customers to place their drinks on.

If you’re a fan of Tolix then why not explore our range at our online store or visit our showroom in Brisbane to try them out for yourself.