Tolix Bar Stools – the Must-Have Stool of Choice

tolix bar stools

Introduced back in 1934, Tolix bar stools were a revelation that quickly became a firm favourite with bar and cafe owners. With its inoffensive design and convenient height, it seemed to fit into any situation. Decades later, this stool remains popular for the very same reasons and is sure to be a great choice for your cafe or bar.

The history of Tolix Bar Stools

You may think that you wouldn’t recognise a Tolix bar stool but you’re sure to have seen them in a variety of venues. While today they are available in a multitude of colours, back in the day they were made from galvanised steel and yet still managed to capture the attention of eateries and bars. By the 1950s manufacturers were producing 60,000 units of Tolix furniture a year although by the 1990s production slowed when the company became bankrupt.

Later, with the introduction of bright colours, these fantastic stools gained a new lease of life. Here are some reasons why Tolix bar stools could be just right for you.

Stylish design

While simplistic in style, Tolix stools have a certain flair and charm about them which makes them a great choice for a multitude of establishments. The popularity of the stool is down to good design. The weight is balanced evenly across all the legs and horizontal struts provide additional strength without adding weight. Sweeping lines and a wide variety of colour choices, make this stool a subtle fashion statement.


With so many colours to choose from, Tolix bar stools suit practically any décor. Bright colours can be used to add a pop of colour or to create a funky vibe. With their metallic shades, Tolix stools even work well in industrial themes. In 3 different heights, with or without backs, and with timber, cushioned, or bare seats, they offer versatility for almost any customer. Cafes can stack them away for storage, bring them out at their busiest times, or sit them beneath a counter. The options are limitless.

Lightweight construction

Wood furniture can be bulky and difficult to move during busy times, but that’s not the case with Tolix bar stools. Lightweight and stackable, one person can move them around effortlessly to meet the business needs.


Made from powdered-coated steel, these iconic stools are durable and hard wearing. A slot in the seat enables water to drain to help prevent corrosion. Also, the stools can be easily wiped clean and sanitised before your early morning or lunch time rush commences. Hungry customers will appreciate their quick turnaround too.


Tolix bar stools and metal chairs have been used around the world for decades and their popularity shows no signs of declining. Even in a modern setting, they evoke a feeling of nostalgia that is somewhat comforting.

Are you looking for bar stools that can fit practically into any décor? If so, Tolix stools make a sound investment. Why not take a look at our replica Tolix bar stools, we know you’ll love them as much as we do