Tolix Stools – What’s the Deal?

tolix stools

If there’s one piece of furniture that regularly pops up when you’re visiting cafes and bars, it’s Tolix stools. These stools are so popular that it’s hard to believe they were first designed back in the 1930s and first made their debut in Paris. They have a contemporary look about them which somehow seems so right.

So, why are they so popular, what’s the deal?

The key to any item of furniture that stands the test of time is design. Tolix stools have a simplistic design that fits in well in a variety of situations and shows no sign of going out of fashion.

Something completely different

Back in the 1930’s European furniture was made from dark heavy wood, which was bulky, difficult to move, and not particularly practical. Tolix totally revolutionised the way in which furniture was made by using galvanised steel.

Although they weren’t the first company to galvanise metal to prevent it from rusting, they were pioneers in using sheet metal. Lightweight, incredibly strong, cheap and resistant to most weather conditions, they were on to a winner.  Tolix, it seemed, had produced innovative furniture that was durable and lightweight, could be used inside and outdoors, and even stacked for convenient storage. Every cafe or bar owner wanted Tolix furniture in their establishment.

Nowadays, steel is one of the most commonly used materials for cafe furniture and is often combined with timber. Fitting perfectly into traditional, industrial, and even some contemporary decors, Tolix stools and chairs continue to be an affordable and popular choice.

Tolix Stools – Simple but stylish

Back in the day, the heavy dark furniture that was currently being used featured panels and intricate detailing which trapped dust and made maintenance more labour intensive.

Tolix stools and chairs, on the other hand, have a simple but stylish aesthetic. The A frame is finished with slender curved legs that bear the weight equally between them. And, while some people say that the ‘X’ frame that sits beneath the seat represents the initial for Xavier Pauchard, the designer, it actually strengthens and supports the structure while the horizontal struts serve as foot rests while giving more stability overall. Without doubt, the design was intended to last

A colour and style to suit every venue

Another bonus of our replica Tolix stools is that they come in 3 different sizes, several style and a choice of vibrant colours or metallic sheens to suit every taste and space. Powder coated to protect the furniture from marks and scratches there’s sure to be Tolix stool that attracts your attention.

Designer look minus the price tag

Our replica Tolix stools are manufactured in the same way as the originals and from the same materials, the only difference being their price. If you like designer style then our replicas allow you this freedom without the designer price tag. Good looks at affordability without compromising on quality is why so many cafes, bars, and bistros opt for replica Tolix stools.

Ready to shop?

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