Top Reasons to Choose Cast Iron Table Bases

cast iron table basesIf you’re considering vamping up your outdoor dining space for the summer then you might want to consider replacing your table bases with cast iron table bases.

Heavy-duty table bases such as these have been around for eons, and there’s a good reason for that. From hard-wearing to durable and eco-friendly to surprisingly affordable, we’ve listed some of the top reasons to invest in cast iron table bases this summer.

Durable and easy to maintain

Cast iron tables have the potential to last for many years – make that hundreds of years! Their long-wearing characteristic makes them ideal for a restaurant or café table base since they can withstand being moved around on a regular basis when you fancy changing your layout or you’re preparing for a function. Thanks to their weight, they’re an ideal choice for outdoor use as even the strongest gust of wind will fail to blow them over.


We’re all more aware of looking after the environment and since cast iron bases last far longer than their timber or plastic counterparts, you’re doing your bit by reducing the generation of waste. When you do eventually tire of your table bases and want to replace them, the good news is that they can be melted down and turned into something new. Recycling café furniture is an admirable choice to make.

Perfect for heavy tops

Many café or restaurant owners opt for natural materials for their tabletops such as granite, metal, or marble and naturally need a base that can support a heavy tabletop. If you’re unsure whether your table base can support a heavy tabletop then get in touch with the experts at Café Solutions.

Easy to customise

Since cast iron table bases are likely to be around for such a long time, it’s reassuring to know that there are options for customising your table. Switching out the tabletop for a different one is one way that you can transform the look of your table; alternatively, you might want to consider painting your base in a different colour to match your décor or theme. All you need is paint designed for metal, a paintbrush, and some spare time.

Metal table bases are surprisingly affordable

Despite the fact that cast iron table bases have all the features that you’d expect from an investment piece of furniture, most of our customers are surprised to learn of their price. Our simplistic Venice table base costs just $82,50 and our ornate Paris base will set you back a mere $89.

The main reason for purchasing cast iron table bases in our opinion is that they look amazing. Whether they’re ornate or have a simple style, they ooze elegance and tradition. What’s more, they can be matched with almost any style of chair, whether that be metal, timber, or plastic.

All of our table bases can be viewed here. If you have any questions regarding any of our furniture then please don’t hesitate to contact us.