What Really Influences a Person’s Decision to Visit Your Café?

A recent survey carried out in the UK by HGEM has revealed the way that diners judge a restaurant both before and during their visit. Having studied the results, we’re of the opinion that they also provide some valuable insights for care owners. So, why not read on and find out more.

First impressions matter

A whopping 75% of the diners questioned paid attention to the interior and design of the restaurant when they first walked through the doors and 72% also said that the ambience and atmosphere were important to them too. This goes to show how important it is to make sure that your décor and the vibe of your café is welcoming and relaxing as soon as customers enter your venue. 86% of customers said they expected to be greeted on their arrival and 83% expected to be shown to their seat. Even if you’re busy serving behind the counter, it’s important and polite to greet customers as they walk through your door. This way they feel as if they’ve been made welcome and that their presence matters,

The 10 most important factors

The diners who took part in the survey were also asked to name the 10 most important factors for them of a restaurant experience. The answers were as follows:
  1. The quality of the food
  2. Overall customer service
  3. The price of the food
  4. Cleanliness of the venue
  5. Atmosphere and ambience
  6. Range of food
  7. Presentation of food
  8. Speed of service
  9. Price of drinks
  10. The authenticity of the food
It’s not surprising that the quality of the food came top of the list, but you may be surprised that ambience and cleanliness ranked as highly as they did. Cleanliness is crucial when it comes to any type of food environment so making sure your café is clean before and during your service period, goes without saying. However, it’s also worth checking the condition of your furniture, fixtures, and even your walls on a regular basis so that it always looks its best. With regards to the ambience, high-quality furniture, beautiful décor, and great lighting can transform your café from drab to fab. Visit our blog for more café tips and if you’re in need of high-quality furniture, then take a look in our online store or, better still, visit our showroom in Brisbane where you can check out our furniture for yourself.