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Brighten Any Space With White Chairs

white chairs
White Teriyaki Chair

Whether you’re looking to launch a new café or updating an existing one, white will make your venue look clean, fresh, and bright. At Café Solutions, we have a wide range of white chairs in a variety of styles and materials suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Clean and hygienic

White chairs are a great choice for the hospitality industry because they instantly portray a feeling of cleanliness and hygiene. They’re also good as accent chairs, particularly if you have a lot of patterns or colours elsewhere in your interior space.

White works anywhere

White chairs are also a great choice if your dining space is small or dark and will make it look lighter and airier. Another reason for choosing such chairs is that they literally will go with any tabletop, décor, and floor. Some of our best-selling white chairs include the Air chair, Belle chair, Tolix chair, No 18 steel cabaret chair, and our cross-back chair.

White for outdoors

If you’re searching for outdoor chairs for your café pavement area or your terrace then white makes a great choice. Our white chairs for outdoor use are made from polypropylene in a choice of stylish designs, with or without arms.

Polypropylene is a great choice for outdoor use because it’s lightweight and easy to move to suit the needs of your customers. Our Air chair is the latest addition to our outdoor range of chairs and besides white, it comes in many other summer colours. Durable and strong this attractive chair is also UV treated which means that the colour won’t fade nor will the chair split or crack in the hot sun.

Another bonus is the fact that most of our polypropylene white chairs stack for convenient storage.

White for events

Finally, you might want to consider white chairs for events. Our Belle chair is a good choice and comes with or without arms. They’re ideal for large parties or weddings and because they stack it’s easy to transport them to any location.

White chairs for indoors

If you prefer not to use polypropylene indoors then why not consider our replica white Tolix metal chair. This iconic chair adds a touch of charm to any café setting and is strong and durable.

Finally, if you’re looking for something to add more of a touch of modernity then our Teriyaki chair might just fit the bill. This attractive white chair features a polypropylene seat with timber legs and works well with any tabletop.

Why not browse our online store for white chairs, download our furniture catalogue for future reference, or better still pop into any of our showrooms in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney to check out our furniture for yourself.