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Why Are Laminate Table Tops Ideal For Cafes and Bars?

laminate table tops

An increasing number of cafes and bars are choosing to buy laminate table tops for their venue’s dining space. But why are they so popular? Read on to discover the advantages of laminate table tops and how they could benefit your venue.

Benefits of Laminate Table Tops

Easy to clean and maintain

One of the main reasons that people buy laminate table tops is because they are easy to clean. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth and mild cleansing agent is generally all that’s needed to remove spills and food debris. If you run a busy cafe or bar, then ease of cleaning between customers is essential.

Durable and strong

Most cafe and bar owners don’t want to be replacing their tabletops every couple of years and with Isotop table tables, you don’t need to. These stylish table tops are made from a unique compound formed from a mixture of plantation wood, resin, and wax which are moulded under high temperature and pressure and coated with a laminate surface for added durability.

Totally seamless and with sealed edges to prevent moisture from getting beneath the laminate, these tabletops are easy to clean and remain looking good with minimal effort.

There are laminate table tops for every space

Istop table tops come in an exciting range of shapes, colours and sizes. The availability of stunning wood grain patterns, natural material effects like granite, marble and cement, and plain colours are a recipe for great commercial tables and will fit with any décor and theme.

The variety of sizes really is amazing and allows you to maximise your floor space to accommodate even more customers without them feeling cramped. Isotop laminate table tops are easy to mix and match and can be fitted to any table base to create a custom-table. Supplied as individual table tops or table packages, it’s an incredibly easy way to shop for cafe or bar tables.

Laminate table tops are budget friendly

You could be forgiven for thinking that with so many benefits, an Isotop table would be expensive, but you’d be wrong. Because these tables are so durable, they’re unrivalled in price and this is another reason that they are such a popular choice with cafe and bar owners.

If you’re looking to buy laminate table tops then why not browse our online store or, even better, pay a visit to our Brisbane showroom where you can see them up-close and marvel at the quality. Cafe Solutions has a comprehensive range of cafe furniture at very affordable prices.