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Why Your Cafe Needs Cast Iron Table Bases

cast iron table bases are perfect for supporting heavy table tops
Venice Bar Base

It’s the time of year that people love nothing better than meeting up with friends and enjoying a drink or snack in the great outdoors. But if your cafe furniture is looking a little worse for wear it could be that potential customers are choosing another cafe over yours. If your table tops are in reasonable condition, then you might want to consider swapping out your table bases with cast iron table bases to give them a new lease of life. As well as looking attractive, cast iron table bases provide several benefits too. So let’s dive in and take a closer look.

Cast Iron Table Bases – 5 Reasons to Purchase Them


One of the main reasons to purchase table bases made from cast iron is that they are extremely durable with the potential to last for many years. They’re ideal for busy cafes and restaurants as they can be moved around regularly without showing any signs of stress. If you like to change your table layout on a regular basis or you’re preparing for a function, cast iron table bases can be moved as many times as you want. Well, okay, they are quite weighty, but that’s a good thing since you can be assured that a heavy gust of wind won’t blow your tables over.


Natural materials such as granite, marble and wood are very much on trend but if you purchase the real thing, it can be very heavy. Heavy tabletops rely on equally strong and weighty table bases to give them the necessary support and to ensure stability, which is why cast iron table bases are the best choice.


You can’t have failed to notice the ever growing concerns for our environment and for being more eco-friendly whenever you can. Cast iron is recyclable and reusable which makes it the ideal choice for cafe owners looking to show that they are doing their bit for the environment. Should you ever grow tired of your cast iron tables bases, it’s good to know that they can be recycled or melted down and turned into another product. Recycling cafe furniture is a good thing to do.


Since your cast iron table bases are likely to be with you for quite some time, it helps to know that there are ways of altering the appearance of your table should you fancy a change. Replacing your table tops is one way of transforming your seating area and creating a different vibe or why not paint your table bases a different colour. All you need is metal paint and spare time


Cast iron table bases are surprisingly affordable given their potential lifespan. For instance, our Maxwell table base is just $74.80 and our Venice Bar base comes in at $99. Given that they can be regarded as investment pieces, they’re an absolute steal.

For us, the main reason to purchase cast iron table bases is that they look great. Simplistic or more ornate, they ooze elegance. Even better, they can be paired with practically any style of table top and will complement most decors.

If you’ve still to be convinced, then why not take a look at our entire range of table bases. You’re sure to find one that suits. We also have a wide range of table tops should you need them as well as complete table packages.