3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Cafe Seating Capacity

busy cafeWhen it comes to the cafe business, getting bums on seats is essential. However it’s also about maximising your seating potential to best effect. Get this wrong and no matter how good your service, food, and of course coffee is, you could still be losing money. However get it right and it could put you well and truly on the path to success. So just how do you increase your seating capacity, without either extending or moving to a larger venue? Here are 3 easy ways that just might help.

Mix up your cafe furniture

If you have say twenty tables the same size that seat 4 people per table then chances are you’ll be missing out on the use of valuable floor space. Unless your seating area is a perfect square then you’ll no doubt have some wasted space that you can fit tables into. What about those funny recesses or odd corners? A few strategically placed round tables placed in these areas present guests with a snug or nook that they might enjoy. Alternatively you might want to think about booth seating. This is a great way of maximising seating space but without taking up any more valuable floor space. Ultimately by mixing and matching furniture you can create more seating areas and therefore bums on seats and besides, customers like a variety of seating options so it makes sense.

A change is as good as a rest

You may be surprised to learn that simply by changing your existing layout you might be able to create more space for seating. Tables can be pushed together for example to create refectory style or communal dining style tables to give you even more space. Also fitting counters along the side walls complete with bar stools can also create swathes of extra space without giving the feeling of over-crowding. By doing these two things you can instantly add a few dozen customers to your space so it’s worth considering.

Don’t forget the outside

Many restaurants complain about the amount of space they have to work with yet forget about or under-use the one obvious piece of real estate they may have – their outside space. If you reside in a location that has anywhere near decent weather your outside space should be maximised to it’s full potential. Don’t forget any outside space you have acts like a first impression of your cafe. As a result it’s a great way to entice passers-by to take a closer look. If permitted, even small outside pavement areas might benefit from smaller barrel tables and bar stools. Also remember that people love to people-watch and what better way to do this than to sit outside with a long cool drink.

If you’d like some help with maximising your cafe space, here at Cafe Solutions we have a wide selection of commercial-grade seating and tables at affordable prices. To find out more you can visit our website or contact us directly on 07 3205 1616. Alternatively if you’re in the Brendale area, then why not stop by our showroom to take a closer look first hand. We guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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