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3 Great Ways To Revive The Look Of Your Cafe On A Budget

create a wow factor

Creating a brand new look for your venue isn’t easy, especially without haemorrhaging a ton of cash in the process. Yet updating your image before it becomes ‘yesterday’s news’ is also vital if you want to continue to attract new clientele. Let’s face it jaded looking fixtures and furniture can lower the customer’s perception even before they’ve tasted your great coffee and home made cakes. So just how do you keep it looking fresh without it costing you the earth. Here are 3 examples of how you can achieve it.


Small changes can often make a big difference and by simply by swapping the colour or type of your accessories it’s possible to change the whole aspect of your cafe. Scour local car boot sales or antique shops and look for quirky and interesting items that fit a theme, style, or design to keep your costs to a minimum. Add candles, flowers, and splashes of colour to create a relaxing and homely ambience and co-ordinate it all in with a splash of paint. Simple!

Change your table tops

Purchasing quality cafe tables can be expensive especially when you’re buying then in 10’s and 20’s. Instead why not think about replacing just the table tops. If you have reusable table bases in chrome or black it’s easy to find a table to match. In fact try mixing it up a little and have a sleek chrome base with a deep red composite table top; or how about a crisp white table top paired with a jet black base for that classic monochromatic effect. Whatever you decide, it really is a cost effective way to create a certain wow factor.

Make a statement

Why not try making a statement by purchasing just one main piece. It could be a quirky wall clock, a large mural, a contemporary light fitting, or a sculpture. Then by keeping everything else plain and simple the customer’s eye will be drawn to this item and that’s your wow factor. Yes it might be more expensive that you might want to initially pay but by keeping everything else minimalistic and simple, it really can create a great look that your customers will love

So there you have it, 3 great ways to revive the overall look of your cafe on a budget!

Here at Cafe Solutions we’ve been helping cafe owners furnish or refurbish their venues on a budget for many years using our extensive collection of quality cafe furniture an accessories Why not take a closer look at our site at or alternatively if you’re in the Brendale area of Brisbane, why not pop into our fully stocked showroom or contact us on 07 3205 1616 if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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