3 Top Tips when Choosing Café Bar Stools

Are you looking to buy café bar stools? Perhaps you’re in the process of opening up your very first café. Alternatively, maybe you’re looking to give your café’s interior a makeover that involves changing your bar stools.

Bar stools are important items of café furniture and not only help maximise your floor space but also help to give your customers more choice when it comes to seating. With so many different styles of bar stools in a wide array of materials and colours, it should be easy to find just what you’re looking for.

That said, it can be daunting when faced with so many choices, which is why we’ve put together 3 top tips to assist you with your purchases, So, let’s dive in and take a closer look.


The style of your bar stools is probably one of the most important factors to consider. Once you’ve decided this, it narrows down your search somewhat. Your bar stools should match the overall décor and set up of your café. If you’re updating your café, then make sure your choice or bar stools matches any of the furniture that you’re intending to keep. Complementing furniture and furnishings give a stylish look, makes your café more appealing, helps boost sales, and encourages customers to make a return visit.

If your décor is traditional, then as a rule of thumb, we would advise that you choose wooden bar stools. Our ladder-back stools are a great choice as are our bentwood stools. If you prefer more modern styles then metal stools are probably more to your taste.


Colour is another important consideration. They need to match your décor and other furniture, or the look can get confusing and customers are unlikely to get your brand. When it comes to bar stools there are so many options what with different wood stains and metal finishes. If you already have dark wood furniture, for instance, then it’s best to stick with the same for your bar stools.

Alternatively, there are ways you can use coloured metal stools as an accent colour. If for example, you have a fairly bland palette of colours with lots of neutral shades, then adding a row of coloured metal stools beneath a counter will really lift your décor and create a point of focus. Our Tolix stools come in many different colours and can really make a splash.


Always buy commercial bar stools as these are intended for business use where they’ll be used by large numbers of people for long periods of time. Metal stools are particularly durable and yet light enough to be moved around with ease as the needs of your customers dictate. In addition, they can be stacked for easy storage and brought out at your busiest times.

At Café Solutions we have a wide choice of bar stools so why not take a look in our online store? Alternatively, you can download our furniture catalogue for future reference or even visit our showroom to see your furniture first hand. You’ll be sure of a warm welcome.



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