4 Great Reasons to Have An Outdoor Space At Your Cafe

people watching at an outside cafeLet’s face it, as a race of people we just love to be outdoors. We long to be away from our desks and our offices and instead when the weather’s great, many of us prefer to be soaking up the sunshine, hanging out, or simply enjoying everything the great outdoors has to offer. Smart café owners realise this and as such many café’s throughout Australia provide outdoor seating for their guests. Aside from providing a great solution to people who enjoy the outdoor life, there are many other reasons why as a café owner you might want to have an outdoor space.

It doesn’t create a barrier

From a psychological perspective there’s something a little awkward about walking through a café doorway if you haven’t been before. What if you don’t like the décor, the atmosphere, or the choice of food on offer? The trouble is that once in through the doorway, it’s not as easy to turn round and walk out, especially if you are the only ones on the premises at the time. Given this information, it’s no wonder then that many people are wary of trying new establishments because it’s either unfamiliar or alien to them. An outside space on the other hand doesn’t have this physical barrier (ie, the doorway) between the customer and café space inside and studies have shown that new clientèle tend to feel more comfortable and relaxed about trying out new establishments because of this fact.

It acts as your shop window

Staying with a psychological theme, I know from my own experiences that if there are two café’s side by side, both with outdoor seating, except that one is busy and the other one isn’t, I’ll go to the busy café every time. Why? Because a crowded café is obviously popular and this creates a buzz. Like a magnet, this buzz or vibe often attracts even more people. A well laid out outside space therefore gives café owners the chance to generate that buzz which other passers by looking for a a good cup of coffee will then want to come and join. Potential customers don’t have to awkwardly peer in through the window to see if a place is busy, instead it’s instantly noticeable.

It puts more cash in your till

Whether an outside space means a small pavement area or a large terrace, it gives a café owner the opportunity to increase their number of tables and this should (in theory at least) equate to more cash in your till. For this reason its worth spending time thinking about creating the right style, design and/or theme that is going to draw customers in.

People like people

People like nothing better that watching other people and an outside café space gives them the perfect opportunity to do this without making it blatantly obvious. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love sitting in a busy square on a lovely day with a glass of something cold watching others go about their business. I know I do!

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