4 Ways To Create A Great Ambience For Your Café

Apart from the quality of your products there are many other factors which just might determine the true success of your café. One of these is the design. Whilst it’s true that most successful modern cafe’s are based on some type of theme or concept, it’s also fair to suggest that popularity may also be down to that intangible quality called ‘ambience’. So how do you go about creating the perfect ambience for your café? Here are 4 ways that just may help…

Tune in to the benefits of music

According to a survey carried out in 2012 by entertainment and media research company VisionCritical, 84% of café owners say that customer footfall has improved after introducing background music. In addition to this, 1 in every 4 customers were prepared to spend around 5% more money on food and drink in establishments that had music playing in the background. Do bear in mind though that the type of music you play should mirror your theme or design.

Are your guests sitting comfortably?

The right seating is a major player in the ambience stakes and ideally you should look to create a number of different seating scenarios. From cosy café tables for two, to large sprawling couches where groups of friends can get together for a morning coffee, studies have shown that those café’s with a multitude of seating options tend to see higher footfall.

Getting to grips with your floor plan

When developing that all important floor plan the one cardinal rule that should never be broken is that passing customers should always have a clear line of sight to your displays, menu boards and most importantly, your interior. We are a curious breed by nature and if a passer-by can look in and see a well-thought-out and cosy atmosphere where customers seem relaxed, then they just may be far more inclined to walk in and give it a try. As well as looking inviting, your ideal floor plan needs to address traffic flow. Try to utilise your space so that employees and customers can move freely around the tables and chairs.

Buying into your ideas

Critical to your overall ambience is how your customers are treated when they walk through the door. It’s an old cliché, but first impressions really do count. Get your staff to buy into what you are hoping to achieve and deliver great customer service. Your design or theme may require them to wear a uniform, so take the time to explain your overall theme and how they fit into it.

If there’s one thing that immediately tells your customers everything about what you do and what you stand for, it’s your ambience, so it pays to get it right. By following the ideas in this article you will be well on the way to creating a great first and lasting impression.

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