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5 Reasons Why Cafe Customers Simply Love Booth Seating

More often than not, if a group of friends entering a cafe have a choice between a booth seat and a conventional table, they’ll take the booth seat every time. In fact some customers when faced with a busy cafe would rather wait to take a booth seat than grab the first available table. So why is it that cafe customers love booth seating? Here are 5 reasons why.

Creates an air of privacy

Even in an open plan cafe, booth seating, especially when situated against a wall, gives customers a certain element of privacy that many people love. Similarly, booth seating that consists of high-back benches can also create that element of privacy as it blocks the sounds and conversations of other cafe goers making it feel slightly exclusive.

That comfy feel

Here at Cafe Solutions we’re always banging on about the importance of comfy seating for your guests, so if you really want to guarantee comfort, then invest in a booth seat. Most have soft padded seating and backs making them extremely comfortable to sit on. The extra support that they give also means that the customer may feel less physical fatigue if they sit for longer periods of time. This just might spur them on to have that extra cup of coffee or that slice of cake they said that they weren’t going to have.

Less footfall

Perhaps one of the biggest pluses of booth seating is that there’s less likely to be high levels of footfall in and around the booth by passing customers and waiting staff. A cafe goer sat at a table near a door for example might find they have to continually move coats, bags, etc to make way for people who are coming and going. With a booth seat, you don’t have to do this making for a more pleasant experience.

More intimacy

because there isn’t much footfall and because booth seating is somewhat sheltered it can create an air of cosiness or intimacy that many couples love.

More room

Finally booth seating creates more room for people to place their belongings and still be able to eat and drink. Take a freelancer who likes to occasionally work from a cafe. Booth seating gives them the chance to place their bag, laptop, coat, electronic devices, and paperwork around them while still being comfortably able to work.

Now you can see why booth seating is so popular with paying customers here’s the good news. At Cafe Solutions we have some seriously competitive prices on booth seating at the moment so why don’t you check out our website further and bag yourself a bargain? Alternatively if you can’t find what you’re looking for then contact us on07 3205 1616 and talk to our friendly experienced staff who will assist.

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