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A Quick Guide to Choosing The Best Table Tops For Your Cafe

Choosing the right cafe tops can be a challenge with so many choices on offer, so we’ve put together a quick guide on things to consider to help narrow down your search.

Your choice of cafe table tops is extremely important to your cafe design since it’s the first thing that customers will notice when they walk through your doors. It’s important to know how materials compare with regard to aesthetics, durability, and price. Cafe tables are made from different materials to meet your specific cafe needs, so it’s crucial to get it right.


Whether you opt for cheap table tops or high quality tops it’s important that you choose them carefully with precision, bearing in mind the design and aesthetics of your venue. We can’t stress enough the importance of selecting table tops which co-ordinate and complement both your interior and exterior décor. If you’re looking to create a welcoming ambience and a great dining experience for your customers, then ignore aesthetics at your peril!


It’s important to choose tabletops designed for commercial use as they will withstand the vigours of a bustling cafe much better than table tops designed for the home. Typically commercial furniture is constructed in a different way from furniture for the home and is stronger and more robust. When you’re working in an environment with a large turnover of customers, the last thing you want is to be replacing your tabletops every few months.

Materials and composition

There are table tops for every type of venue and décor. Whether you’re looking for granite table tops to give that extra wow factor, laminated tabletops for added shine, or wood tabletops to create a warm rustic feel, you’re sure to find something that fits your exact specifications.

Granite is a great choice because it will add value to your cafe. It’s also sanitary so there’s no need to worry about bacterial contamination. Granite gives a look of luxury and is heat resistant too. It’s easy to clean too, however it can crack if hit with a sharp or hard object. It’s also extremely heavy which means that it’s difficult to move your tables around to accommodate the needs of groups, for example.

Wood is another traditional material which depending on how it’s finished can lend a rustic or stylish look to your cafe. While most wood table tops are made from maple, other choices include walnut, cherry, and oak. While solid wood can be expensive it’s much cheaper than granite.

Finally, one of the most popular choices for cafes is laminate table tops. Laminate is a hard-wearing material which can last for many years in the busiest of cafe environments. It’s made resilient by the addition of resins and is available in a wide range of patterns, colours, and textures. Our Isotop table tops are easy to clean, suited to indoor and outdoor use, heat and stain resistant, and won’t crack, rot, or rust in the sun or the rain. You can also choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the most awkward of dining spaces.

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