All You Need To Know Before Buying Bar Stools

Whether you’re furnishing a cafe, bar, or bistro, bar stools are an essential part of the puzzle. Their versatility allows you to place them alongside a window looking out, grouped around dry bar tables, or arranged around communal dining tables.

You can use bar stools in endless ways but ultimately they allow you to maximise your floor space by fitting into small and difficult areas. As you probably know by now, bar stools come in a wide range of sizes, materials, colours, and prices. To help you hunt down the right stools for your venue, we’ve put together a few tips for you to consider.

How tall should my bar stools be?

As a general rule our 46cm stools are designed to be used with standard height cafe tables, our 66cm stools are intended to be used with counters, and our 76cm tall bar stools are for use with dry bar tables.

How many stools do I need?

We’d suggest that you leave a gap of between 53-60cm between each bar stool, so if your counter is 400cm in length, you could comfortably fit 7 stools. If you’re looking to purchase stools with arms or that swivel around, then allow an extra 4cms gap between them.

Backless or with a back?

There are different benefits with each choice. Backless stools look a little more refined and are a better choice where space is limted whereas stools with backs are considered to be more comfortable. Your decision should depend on what purpose your stools have. For instance, if they’re going to be sat on for long periods of time while customers eat a meal, then a stool with a back is more suitable whereas if they’re for a customer to sit on while they sip a cup of coffee in a small coffee shop, then backless is a better option.

What are your best selling stools?

Tolix stools are one of our best selling stools for the simple fact that they have a timeless appeal. They’re also available in a variety of sizes, colours, and styles – so there’s something for everyone. If you’re seeking a more modern aesthetic then we’d suggest our Loft stools which have a sleek, minimalist style. Or for something a little more eye-caching and quirky, then our ribbon stool fits the brief.

Cafe Solutions are one of the leading suppliers of commercial cafe furniture and offer an extensive range of bar stools. Why not browse our online store, download our furniture catalogue for future reference, or pop by our showroom to take a closer look for yourself. You’ll be guaranteed a warm welcome.

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