Bar and Cafe Furniture Trends – What is 2019 Likely to Bring?

Can you believe that another year has nearly gone by? How time flies! In our line of business we’re very much aware that change is constant. This comes in many different guises such as a change in the popularity of drinks, a competitor opening nearby forcing you to change the way you do things, or new and exciting interior designs and furniture styles which take the country by storm.

Bar designs have changed widely over the past decade and while some trends are here to stay there will always be new ones on the horizon. Knowing what the biggest changes are likely be is a mixture of research, guesswork, and experience. Throughout 2018 we’ve seen a surge in industrial design with metal and wood combinations, but what does 2019 hold?

Multi-Use Eco-Friendly Furniture

Without a doubt, there is more pressure on the hospitality industry to adopt practices which are more environmentally friendly. Customers are more likely to frequent bars and cafes whose footprint is in keeping with their own views.

Not only should bar and cafe furniture come from renewable sources but in addition it needs to have a variety of functions. This includes chairs and stools which can be used inside and outdoors, coffee tables which can quickly convert to large communal tables, and stools which can double up as coffee tables. Multi-function furniture lets a bar or cafe easily adapt at its busiest times and change its layout, while at the same time reducing material usage.

Retro Furniture

Retro furniture has become popular over recent years with more and more bars taking inspirations from bygone eras. With plenty of trends to choose from it’s easy for a bar or cafe owner to pick an era and put their own stamp on it, theming their venue around it.

In 2019 we’re expecting to see more of the browns, greens, and burnt oranges combined with wood elements from the 60’s and 70’s. To adapt to modern day, softer tones could be used to make bolder colours create a statement.

Art Deco

One of our personal favourites, Art Deco, is also making a comeback. The glamorous and luxurious tables and chairs of that era are bursting with intricate details and elements which smack of style. Clean, stylish furniture upholstered with colourful patterns will be a winning combination.

At Cafe Solutions we’re constantly adding to our inventory of cafe and bar furniture, so if you don’t see anything you like first time around, it’s always worth checking back.

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