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Bentwood Dining Chairs That You’ll Love

bentwood dining chairs

If you’re searching for Bentwood dining chairs, then you’re in luck! Here at café Solutions, we stock replica Bentwood dining chairs in a variety of styles and materials. Some of our best sellers include the No. 18 timber Bentwood chair in walnut with an embossed seat and our Cross back metal Bentwood chair in light timber.

These simple and lovely chairs look just like they belong in a French café and are sure to add charm to your café, bar, or restaurant. With a choice of colours and materials, you’re sure to find Bentwood dining chairs that meet your exact needs.

A brief history of Bentwood

Bentwood chairs are instantly recognisable and are one of the longest established chairs that have ever been produced. This simple design is globally popular and is probably the best in class when it comes to construction, sturdiness, and beauty. Bentwood has stood the test of time and is as popular today as it has been before.

Bentwood gets its name from the process used to bend wood and mould it into shape. It was Michael Thonet, a cabinet maker, who around the 1830’s perfected the art of bending wood by using hot steam. This made it possible to bend strong types of hardwood, notably birch, into graceful curves which hardened and retained their shape once the wood had cooled down and dried.

Thonet his first factory shortly after this breakthrough and began creating numerous chair designs. One of his most popular chairs was called “Thonet No 14” also known as the bistro or Vienna chair, which became one of the best-selling chairs ever. It is also regarded as the quintessential café chair.

Amazingly simple to make, this Bentwood dining chair consisted of just six pieces of wood which had been bent by steam, ten screws and two nuts. They could be mass-produced by unskilled works and sent unassembled (almost like a modern-day flat-pack) to their destination for assembly. The seats were often made from woven palm or cane to let any spills drain off the chair.

Many of our replica Bentwood dining chairs are manufactured in Poland by FAMEG, which was one of Thonet’s original factories.

As well as Bentwood chairs manufactured from wood, we also have steel No. 18 cabaret chairs in stock which come in a variety of bright colours and resin cross back bentwood chairs which are intended for outdoor use.

For further information please browse our online site or if you’d like to see the quality of our Bentwood dining chairs, then you’re invited to visit our showrooms in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne to check them out yourself.