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We get asked all the time who takes care of our marketing as our we get seen all over the internet through all the different marketing strategies we have in place.

Although we have tried a few marketing agencies in the past with differing levels of success. The last 6 years we have been working with the team at Kick Media SEO Brisbane and they have changed the game for our company and helped us expand into new states.

If your business needs help with your online marketing whether you are in the hospitality industry or any other we have no hesitation in recommending the team at Kick Media to help.

Here is a general summary of how Chris and the Kick Media team have helped us to grow exponentially since our inception 10 years ago.  Chris began helping us in the early days with just SEO and then helped us to realise more profit by launching a Google AdWords campaign which saw an instant boost in sales.  Still cautious of the AdWords budget and the return on that investment, Chris helped us to see that the return for every dollar spent with Google AdWords was profitable and that the foundation to success was tracking enquiries.  We learned that the cost per enquiry from phone and ecommerce tracking enabled us to scale our spend confidently and with very minimal risk.

Confidence with Google AdWords is all about transparency and with very limited knowledge about how AdWords works, all I needed to know was how many conversions and the cost per conversion.  From there I could roughly work out my average dollar transaction value and make a decision to spend more to make more.

The one thing I trust most about Kick Media is that they all work as a team, and as we built more confidence in Google AdWords we were then introduced to Joseph who took our account to the next level.  He introduced Google Shopping which allowed Chris to spend more time on optimising our SEO rankings.  We found that Google Shopping filled in the gaps for keywords we were not yet ranking for and being very product specific in how Joseph optimised our Google shopping feed (According to Joseph) we were able to begin selling products we never though there was any demand for.  Our warehouse began shipping products we thought were never going to move which took our business to a next level of growth which required zero effort.

The team allowed me to realise that even though many orders from Google shopping didnt convert online it still drove phone enquiries at the point of sale where we could cross and upsell orders which further increased the ROI of Google shopping even if they didnt buy online.

While Joseph focused on our Google AdWords and Google Shopping, Chris was now innovating new SEO methods which allowed us to dominate Google rankings for very high search volume keywords.  With my limited knowledge of SEO it wasn’t very difficult to build trust when Chris explained the basic concepts of SEO and how most agencies want SEO to appear very complex.  When you see that appearing on Google is in a small part only website related and the majority influenced by your brand being mentioned on other reputable and relevant websites it was not hard to understand the common sense in what Google wants to see.  I don’t need to know how the engine works, and I trust the team at Kick Media to apply the techniques and concepts I was easily able to understand.

Chris was able to explain to me that SEO is constantly evolving and that we need to stay ahead of all the latest methods currently working.  They are now helping us to ensure we are compliant with all potential algorithm updates they expect Google to be realising over the next few years.

I’m now opening most of my budget toward SEO to fill the gaps and continue replacing my AdWords spend on specific keywords each month.  I’m most impressed with their latest innovation with content correlation to begin boosting visibility for hundreds of less competitive keywords without needing to build links.  As far as I understand they are able to accurately correlate based on competitors not showing on the front page exactly how much content is needed per page for specific keywords.  They are now writing content with the exact amount of content without the guess work to achieve rankings for specific keywords with at least a few hundreds searches per month.  I am to believe this will save us thousands of dollars per month writing unnecessary blogs and content pages about the wrong topics and the wrong amount of words or images.  Already we are seeing an instant boost since they have implemented this new technique.

The essence of what has given me so much success and why I am more than happy to share my experience with Kick Media and their SEO Brisbane service ( That’s right, they asked me to mention the keyword “SEO Brisbane” a few times, haha) is that my business would not be where it is today without Kick Media.  Thank you to everyone at Kick Media, I wouldn’t hesitate even for even a second to recommend their service to any business wanting to take their business to the next level.











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