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Cafe Design Trends For 2018

With Sydney boasting so many independent cafes you might be wondering how you can stand your cafe out from others and encourage more people to enter. Well don’t worry, we’ve done some research for you and put together 4 cafe trends which you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2018. The good news is that all of them are easy to implement and are sure to delight your customers, both existing and new. So let’s dive right in and take a look.

#1 Unique wallpaper accents

If you’ve followed any interior design blogs then you’ll know that wallpaper was BIG last year with bold graphics adding drama and flair to previously plain and neutral interiors. It seemed as it overnight we were transported into lush jungles of colourful florals and palms. 2018 promises to be another exciting year for wallpaper only this year expect to see more creativity with wallpapers boasting unconventional designs for the most discerning of tastes.

#2 Minimal but meaningful

Without doubt minimal has its place in the world of cafe design and we’re all in favour of letting the aroma of the coffee and the taste of the cakes, speak for themselves. That said, often in reality minimal can look appear lack lustre, and dare we say, boring to a customer. Stark white walls and distressed tables have surely almost reached saturation point.

As menus become more creative and colourful and cafe footprints more compact and less cluttered, then to impress customers the focus has to be on the detail. From custom booths to bespoke lighting and bold colour choices, every detail should tell your unique story.

#3 Non-traditional seating arrangements

Having noted the popularity of our communal tables, it seems that non-traditional seating arrangements are already prominent in Sydney. Comfort will also be key, both this year and going forward, with cafes offering multi-use layouts. It’s simple enough to break up the space by using sofas, tub chairs, and low tables. People want different experiences, options, and comfort; they like choice and by utilising a mixed cafe seating approach, you can deliver all of that.

#4 More Colour

Last year food writers were kept busy covering what was one of the restaurant’s hottest trends – “unicorn themed food” and it’s predicted that this colourful food trend will last well into 2018. It doesn’t just stop at food however. Many restaurant chains are embracing colour and cafe owners could adopt this trend too. Interior designers are predicting that pastel shades will be offset by bright jewel colours and a fun way to integrate this particular trend is by switching out your cafe chairs, table bases, tiles or walls to add a pop of colour that will stand your cafe out.

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