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Café Styling And How To Achieve It On A Budget

If you’re seeking to create a look for your café, restaurant or bistro that’s chic, modern and bang-on-trend then it can cost you the earth. Name brand, top-of-the-range designs can be very expensive, but if you don’t have the budget of a high-end café, but would still like it to look like one, then can it be achieved at a fraction of the price?

The good news is that if you’re prepared to shop around and have a knowledge of what to look for, then there’s no reason at all why a similar look can’t be achieved at a cost far lower than an elite design. Here are some pointers.

Think style rather over brand

The first thing to remember is that a style or trend isn’t always reflected in a particular brand name. Instead aspects of a particular design or style can be found in numerous pieces of furniture or decorative items and these looks are often reflected just as well in cheaper designs, than the high-end designers. Also consider this…Will your customers be more concerned about the brand of the furniture and decorations or the inviting style that it brings?

Think Research

If you have a particular theme, design, or style in mind and you’re looking to re-create it on a budget, then it pays to do some research. Begin by looking through brand catalogues and design magazines or alternatively take a look online on popular websites such as or Trend which will give you a pretty good idea of what’s hot right now. Then take the essence of these styles and designs and write them down so you have a solid idea of what to look for.

Think Replica

As already stated top-of-the-range designs and brand names can be very expensive, so you may want to go down the replica route. For example one stylish piece of café furniture which never seems to go out of fashion is the iconic Tolix tool. Originally designed by Xavier Pauchard back in 1934 and still made to this day, you’d pay a small fortune for the original Tolix brand. However a quick search online reveals some great looking replica stools that are fashioned in the style of’ the original and are just as hard wearing and durable, but can be purchased at a fraction of the cost.

Think Wholesale

Finally, you may want to look at wholesale outlets that supply furniture and fittings directly to the café trade. They often have a great selection of varied designs and styles that just might be what you’re looking for. However being wholesalers there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll get what you need at a great price.

If you can follow some or all of these points then you’ll find that it’s easy to be stylish on a shoestring budget, and what’s more, you’ll have a bigger sense of achievement when you realise just how little you’ve spent.

Here at Cafe Solutions we supply all manner of café furniture and fittings and great ‘value for money’ prices. We have a huge variety of designs and styles in stock, so why not give us a call on (07) 3205 1616 or visit our website at and see just what we have on offer.


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