Choosing Cafe Chairs – Bentwood Has It Covered

cross back Bentwood chairOne of the most important decisions, and probably one of your biggest investments when starting up a new cafe, is your choice of cafe furniture. With so many different styles, colours, and materials available, reaching a decision on the type of cafe chairs to opt for can be a tough challenge. By providing stylish, comfortable, and durable tables and chairs, alongside a great cup of coffee, you’ll create a lasting impression which will make customers want to return time and time again. We thought we’d take this opportunity to focus on an iconic choice, Bentwood, which has graced businesses for many decades, and which remains a classic choice in the hospitality industry.

A little history about Bentwood

If you’re ever wondered what Bentwood furniture really is, then the key is in the name. Bentwood is a particular style of furniture where the wood used to make all, or part of it, has been bent and shaped to create its final appearance, and this is commonly seen in a number of chairs and stools.

The bent pieces of wood can be used in a variety of ways within a chair or stool. Bent into a circle, the wood can be used with upholstery to form part of the seat, or it can be placed further down on the inside of the legs to add stability so that its safe and secure for people to sit on. It can evn be slightly curved to form stylish legs.

The Thonet brothers were the first to develop a wood bending procedure which could be used on an industrial scale and one of their iconic chairs which most people are familiar with is the No.14 Bowback chair which is also known as the bistro chair. Designed in 1860 it still remains one of the best selling chairs ever, and consisted of just 6 pieces. The process involved soaking the wood and steaming it so that it could be bent without breaking it. Once dry, the wood would harden into a solid shape.

How can we help?

At Cafe Solutions we’re proud to be able to offer our customers a variety of attractive Bentwood style commercial furniture to enhance their cafes and to create a welcoming ambience. The No. 18 cabaret chair is another bentwood chair which is very popular with our customers and we have it in a traditional oak or walnut finish, as well as black or white paint, which works well in a monochrome theme. For those that aren’t that keen on wood, and are looking for chairs which are more vibrant and colourful then you might like to consider our powder coated steel No. 18 cabaret chairs which are available in several colours including glossy orange, red, and sky blue. Paired with any of our Isotop or Werzalit tables, these sturdy, durable chairs can be used in a variety of decors and themes.

Another Bentwood style which we’re pleased to offer is the Cross back chair. These upright chairs feature two crossed straps on the back which give it an edgy feel that fits in with a industrial theme. You can choose between timber or metal with a timber seat.

Bar stools are invaluable for cafe owners since they can be used to maximise floor space and also to offer a variety of seating at different levels. For sitting at bar tables or counters, you might like to consider our tall or medium Bentwood cross back stools which feature an integrated foot rest. Or if space is tight, then you may prefer our No. 18 walnut Bentwood stools which minus a back can be easily pushed beneath tables and counters when not in use.

Whatever your cafe seating needs, we have a Bentwood chair which offers a solution. Why not browse our online store to see for yourself, or visit our showroom in Brendale. If you need any more information on any of our products then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07 3205 1616.

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