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Embracing The Advantages Of Plastic Cafe Chairs

plastic chairsWhen people think of plastic chairs it usually prompts visions of uncomfortable battleship grey seating that many people were unfortunate enough to sit on during their school days. Alternatively how about those brightly coloured kiddie chairs that you see in playgroups or child friendly restaurant chains? What people don’t normally associate plastic seating with is trendy café’s and bistro’s. The truth is however that modern polypropylene or PP seating is not only the chair of choice for many ‘go to’ establishments, they offer many benefits too. Let’s take a look at some of them.

They’re relatively cheap and durable

When you compare a plastic cafe chair with a wood or metal equivalent in a cost context, the plastic chair would win hands down. Because they’re easy to manufacture usually from one single moulded piece and easy to assemble, they’re often a fraction of the cost of say a wooden counterpart. When you have to purchase multiples at a time as you would if you were refurbishing your cafe, even small cost savings can mount up.

Not only this they’re incredibly durable too. Nowadays PP furniture is made to be resistant to just about anything, which makes them the perfect seating choice for a busy establishment with high levels of customer footfall.

They’re surprisingly comfortable

Modern day plastic seating comes in a wide variety of styles and comfort is often at the forefront of the process. Unlike the plastic chairs of old which gave you a numb feeling after you’d been sitting on them for a few minutes, contemporary PP furniture is surprisingly comfortable with designs that are aimed at supporting the sitter rather than torturing them.

They look pretty cool

Contemporary polypropylene seating comes in a wide variety of shapes, designs, and colours some of which are pretty cool. From black and white seating for a modern take on a monochromatic look, to hot pinks, sunburst yellows, and lime greens for a funky kaleidoscope of colour, PP furniture is great if you’re looking to make a statement and really stand out from the crowd.

It’s a great practical choice

With certain types of cafe seating even though it may look the part you have to be careful where you put it, how you store it, and even how it’s used, Before you know it, practicality has gone out the window. Conversely with modern-day plastic seating it’s about as practical as you can get. It’s often treated so it won’t fade, split, or warp, meaning it’s perfect for both indoors and outdoor use. It’s usually designed to be easily stackable, so storage is never a problem, and it’s designed to be easily cleaned (usually with a damp cloth) so it should stay looking like new for many months/years to come.

If you’re looking to buy plastic cafe seating for your establishment then take a look at our Cafe Chairs Sydney website We have a whole host of commercial grade cafe furniture all at great value-for-money prices including polypropylene seating. Why not take a look today and see for yourself. Alternatively you can always contact us on (02) 8379 7737 for assistance or if you’re in the Wetherill Park area of the city, why not visit our showroom where you can see the furniture on offer first hand.

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