Enhance Your Café Space With An Elegant Tub Chair

When we think of tub chairs they’re often associated with old fashioned 18th and 19th century Gentleman’s Clubs where the movers and shakers of the day would meet and look to put the world to rights. However despite the chair’s opulent leather bound look, its origins actually stemmed from a medical need.

Originally invented in the 18th century, the tub chair as we know it today was also known as the ‘bath chair.’ Initially invented to help those suffering with back pain, it was believed that the tub or ‘bath’ shape of the chair was complimentary to the natural curvature of the back thus creating a problem solving chair that to all intent and purpose was also extremely comfortable. It’s no wonder then that with the busy lifestyle that everyone leads the comfortable tub chair is enjoying somewhat of a revival.

In recent years there have been many studies to explain what makes a busy café, restaurant, or bistro a popular place that people return to time and time again. Yes it’s got a lot to do with the food, level of service, and the all-round atmosphere of the place, but the type of café furniture, or rather the ‘comfort’ of it also features prominently in these studies.

If we think about it, having comfortable furniture is key when it comes to customer retention. You can serve the best coffee in the world but if you have bone-crunching furniture then your customers aren’t going to ever stick around for more than one cup. It stands to reason then that the tub or bath chair that was originally invented to help back pain sufferers would make it’s way to the café scene.

Nowadays you can purchase tub chairs made to commercial standards. This means that they’re resilient enough to handle everything a busy café throws at it, while being durable enough to last. Not only that, they also come in a wide variety of styles, colours and materials, so there’s something for everyone. So go on, get your customers to ‘stick around’ with a trendy tub chair!

At Cafe Solutions we’re a online retailer selling a wide range of ‘value-for-money’ commercial café furniture including tub chairs. Feel free to check out our website further or contact us on 07 3205 1616 for further details. Alternatively if you reside in the Brendale area of Queensland then feel free to drop into our warehouse where you can take a closer look at what we have to offer first hand.

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