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Get Café Styling Inspiration With The Latest Trends From Europe

Whether you’re redesigning your existing café or starting a brand new one there’s much inspiration to be found in the latest café trends that are coming out of Europe right now. Whilst it’s fair to say that individual styles tend to vary from country to country, the following looks are most definitely ‘of the moment’ and as such can help if you’re looking for a modern and fresh feel that’s bang on trend

Coloured glass – Bellissimo!

In Italy especially, coloured glass is making a huge comeback to the bistro/café scene and this is beginning to spread throughout Europe particularly in upmarket café’s in cities such as Milan, Madrid and London. Coloured glass tables first captured the attention of trendy restaurant owners back in the 1960’s and 1970’s, but died a death in the 80’s when newer industrial materials that were less fragile and more hard wearing came into being. Now glass is being embraced once more in the form of counter tops, wall cladding, splashbacks and of course table tops.

Old is the new….well….new

Another trend coming out of Europe lately is the reintroduction of older styles, but done in a funky and modern way. Iconic café furniture such as the fabulous Thonet chair simply known as chair No. 14 and the equally legendary Tolix bar stools have been gracing café’s, restaurants and bistros for the last one hundred years. However by combining the old with the new you can create a look that’s both modern and unique. For instance the Tolix bar stool works really well with exposed brickwork and slate for that cutting edge industrial feel, or the exquisitely crafted Thonet bentwood chair works perfectly for those looking to create a contemporary ‘rustic chic’ look.

Industrialise your lighting

Gone is the gentle soft lighting that once graced many a cosy bistro and instead the trend for café’s throughout Europe is to go for a bold industrialised feel. Big ‘stand out’ lighting in polished or brushed steel is perfect for commercial spaces and is being seen in contemporary establishments from Italy through to Scandinavia.

Say it with wood

You won’t have to flick through many pages of the latest design or style magazine before you come across a page or an article singing the praises of reclaimed wood. From sunglasses to shelving, from seating to table tops we can’t seem to get enough of objects made from it. As a modern take on the continuation of the French country style, you’ll see it in many a café throughout Europe. By picking the right pieces, reclaimed wood furniture has the ability to brighten up even the darkest of cafés whilst also being strong and durable and therefore perfectly suited for commercial use.

So go ahead, take inspiration from what’s happening right now in Europe and turn your café into a well-designed and trendy space that your customers will enjoy.

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