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How To Buy The Best Modern Bar Stool Using 4 Solid Tips

bar stoolsNowadays café’s, restaurants and bistros need to stand out from their competition and in order to do this, aside from serving top quality food and drink, they also need to get their furniture right. Gone are the days when café’s consisted of rows of square tables and chairs. Nowadays furniture should be mixed up to provide different forms of seating from comfortable sofas for kicking back and relaxing with friends to bar stools for less formal ‘tapas style’ eating and drinking. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what you should be looking for when purchasing the best modern bar stools to suit your establishment and more importantly, your customers.

Does it have a back?

There are many types of bar stool/chair the simplest of which are generally no frills plain wood stools with no back support. This is fine if your customers are after a quick caffeine fix and are gone. However the idea is that you really want your customers to linger longer. One way to do this is to provide stools with back support. Many modern day stools are ergonomically designed to support the back providing some much needed comfort.

Dos it swivel?

Static bar stools can be problematic in the fact that if the customer needs to change position they need to get up off the stool, drag it into position then sit back down again. All in all it’s a bit of a faff! Swivel stools on the other hand don’t present this problem. Instead by swivelling the seat round, a customer can simply can change position while remaining in their seat. Therefore if they want to engage with the table behind them they can easily do so.

Does it provide comfort?

Okay, so we’ve already said that the idea is to keep your customers lingering for longer and one way to do this is to provide comfortable seating. In some cases not only do modern-day bar chairs provide comfortable padded seating, but they also provide shock absorption or cushioning, just like the seats in a modern truck. It’s always best with any cafe seating to ‘try before you buy’. This way if it’s comfortable to you, chances are it’s also going to be comfortable for your guests.

Getting the right height

Although extra high bar stools (around 91cms) are becoming more and more fashionable in many contemporary spaces, standard height (76cm) bar stools fit perfectly under most counter tops. Although those who are exceptionally tall might have a slight problem fitting their knees underneath a standard bar stool, for most other folk it shouldn’t be an issue. For this reason, why not mix and match it up with differing heights in different areas.

If you want a better visual picture of which bar stools are best for you then why not check out our website at Cafe Solutions. As an online store we have a multitude of commercial grade bar chairs for you to choose from, all at great value for money prices. Contact us for more help on 07 3205 1616 and let us solve your bar stool/chair dilemmas.


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