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How To Choose The Perfect Seating For Your Establishment – 5 Great Tips

If you’re a café, restaurant or bistro owner who’s looking to invest in the perfect seating for your customers then you may be concerned about how to make that choice. Great furniture is undoubtedly part of the overall ambience that plays a big part in deciding whether a customer returns or not. The trouble is there’s so much to choose from. So where do you start? Here are 5 great tips to help.

Make sure they’re for commercial use

This may seem like an obvious point, but the fact is that not all seating is created equal. It’s not ideal to use dining chairs that are made for domestic use, no matter how trendy they seem. Instead look for hard wearing durable chairs that are made for commercial use. The good news is that there are plenty around and the practical choice doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. Why not opt for a combination of beechwood and aluminium? They’re cool, classy and have a contemporary Mediterranean feel which is perfect for a sunny terrace or pavement area.

Choose a style to match your theme, style or design

Matching the type of chairs to your style, theme or design is a great way of following the design through. For instance, if you’re after a rustic theme, then you may want to opt for some well-made Bentwood, ladder-back or Tolix chairs. Alternatively for a modern funky-feel then there are some great looking PVA chairs on the market., all of which are in vibrant colours. Or for something a little more timeless and classical, an elegant but simple white or black chair may fit the bill perfectly.

Getting comfy

There’s one thing having great looking chairs, but they also have to be comfortable. This isn’t so much of a concern (although it helps) for those establishments such as busy café’s who have a high and rapid turnover of customers. However for bistros, restaurants and those establishments where customers are encouraged to linger, then it’s all about getting comfy! For this reason you might want to opt for chairs that have comfortable supporting backs, wider seats and wherever possible, cushion supports.

Practical for your needs

When searching for the perfect chair it needs to be practical for your needs. It’s no good settling on a heavy solid chair that weighs a ton if you think you may need to move it around. Likewise if you have a floor that scratches or marks easily, you may want to think twice before you purchase chairs without nylon or rubberised floor gliders. Finally if you need to store your seating away at night, then consider those that are designed to be stackable. In essence, think about your establishment, your clientèle and then base your choice around this. If anything, at the very least it’s going to narrow your search choice down.

Sizing issues

Finally, if you’re purchasing bar stools, be aware that they come in several different heights. It would be awful to purchase some great looking bar stools only to find that they are either too tall or too small to fit under your bar area. So don’t forget to take measurements of your bar height before you look for matching stools.

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