How To Effectively Mix and Match Your Outside Cafe Furniture

metal-chairts-and-vintrage-tableWith Summer in full swing in Brisbane there’s never been a better time to capture the attention of tourists and passers-by than with an eye-catching outdoor dining area. An eclectic mix of outdoor furniture can be really appealing if you manage it pull if off correctly and plenty of people prefer this personalised style. However it can be difficult to know just how to pull this look together. In essence there are 4 points to consider: colour, style, material, and layout. So let’s dive in and take a closer look.


Colour can be used in both settings or to tie in different pieces in a group with the key being to repeat the colour 3 times. For example, you could group several different styles of chairs together and the one thing they would have in common would be that they were all white or all black. Try this for yourself and you’ll see that they all work together perfectly.

Alternatively, you could use two different styles of furniture and repeat your chosen colour, say red, in the furniture, rug, and cushion cover for one range. In the other range of furniture you could tie in the look with another colour, say blue, and use cushions, an ottoman, or even a parasol to make an eclectic grouping complete.


Bringing some pieces made from the same material is another way to group your items so they all look as if they belong. If you repeat the material 3 times throughout your grouping it unifies the look. By materials we mean things such as metal, plastic, wood, wicker, fabric, glass which can be repeated into the seating, lighting, decorative accessories, tables, parasols, and more. Try this out and you’ll see that suddenly your collection has a custom feel and look to it. No longer do you have to stick to buying everything from the same range. For example you could match material and colour by using metal metal framed sofas and chairs which coordinates with metal tables. The chairs and sofas should both be made of the same material and finally, the colour of the cushion fabrics could tie the entire look together.

Design style

In this instance we’d suggest pairing like with like. For example pair vintage metal chairs with distressed tables. They don’t have to be the same colour or material, just a similar style. A casual design style for your dining area and an equally casual look for your relaxed seating area will also create an outdoor look that is unified and interesting.

Furniture layout

Separate your various seating arrangements into distinct groups so that they don’t look like one mismatched entity. This could be done with lattice work screens, planters, or small walls. One will still be in full view of the other although they’re in totally separate areas. Try placing each group of furniture so that it has a different focal point and that makes your patio look even more interesting.

Hopefully this post has given you some ideas to help you get inspired when setting out your outdoor cafe space. If you’re in need of commercial grade tables, chairs, or stools, then we have a wide range to browse. Why not take a look and if you need any information on any of our products just give us a call on (07) 3205 1616 and our friendly staff will be pleased to assist.

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