How To Make Your Cafe Space Unique And Interesting Using Textures

using texture in your cafe spaceIf you’re blessed with a cafe space that has exposed brickwork, decorative cornicing or real hardwood floors then you already know just how much character it can add to your establishment. But what if you have a completely bland space..what do you do then? Here is a quick guide on how you can make your space work by introducing texture.

Bring in the shag pile

Rugs are a great way of adding texture to an otherwise bland space. They work really well particularly in a ‘chill out’ area complete with sofas and side tables. Shag pile for instance has really deep fibres giving it bags of texture, not to mention a certain warmth and cosiness.

Opposites attract

They say that opposites attract and it’s certainly true when it comes to texture. Firstly think of a cast iron bed set with crisp white linen (okay so we’re not advocating that you put a bed in your cafe space, but it demonstrates a point). Instead how about sleek and contemporary metal furniture resting on reclaimed wooden flooring? Alternatively why not place elegant china against the backdrop of a distressed coffee table? Or for that real wow factor how about light and airy glass topped coffee tables in a room full of dark wood?

Add harmony with repeat textures

Repeating textures ties in the look and adds a certain harmony. For example, if you have rows of wicker chairs on an outside terrace why not tie this in with wicker plant holders. Alternatively if your inside space has decorative cast iron furniture, then why not match it with candlesticks in the same sort of finish.

What about if the room has way too much texture?

Too much texture can also be a bit of an off-putting experience to potential customers, so if you have fireplaces, mouldings and flooring all in different textures patterns and colours, then why not tone it down and opt to paint them all one neutral colour. The texture will still show, but it won’t be quite so much ‘in your face’

Textures and moods

Finally, a lot of research has gone into texture and mood creation so depending upon the mood you’re trying to create might affect the types of texture you use. Here are some ideas.

Casual: Corduroy, anything distressed (sofas, tables chairs), substitute furniture such as old trunks for coffee tables

Romantic : pastel colours lace, chenille, floral wallpaper

Contemporary modern: Lots of white, plastics, metals, accent tables, sleek furniture

So there you have it…A guide to adding texture to your cafe, restaurant space to make it unique.

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