How To Prolong The Life Of Your Outdoor Cafe Furniture

outdoor cafe furnitureYes it’s all about the coffee, the food and the overall ambience but there’s no getting away from the fact that a great looking set of outdoor café furniture can be just as instrumental in driving customers to your door, as it’s often the focal point that first attracts people to your café For this reason it’s imperative that your outdoor café furniture always looks its best.

The trouble is that when it’s exposed to the harsh elements that a long Australian summer can bring your once ‘fab’ looking furniture can suddenly look decidedly drab. So just how do you get the most out of your outside furniture and keep it looking in tip top condition?

Try to buy high quality

It may be tempting especially when first starting out to buy cheaper furniture to save on your budget. However taking the frugal route may turn out to be costly in the long run. By purchasing high quality furniture you’re getting furniture that more often than not is better designed to resist the elements, while retaining both durability and beauty. Look to buy the best that you can afford within your budget and you could be on to a winner.

Make sure it’s designed for outdoor use

As silly as it sounds not all café furniture is designed for outdoor use. So make sure you at least ask if you’re not sure. Outdoor furniture is normally treated with coatings that stop it from rusting, warping, cracking and generally falling apart after a day in the harsh Australian sunshine.

Choose practicality over aesthetics

It’s fantastic to achieve a cutting edge or contemporary look to your outdoor furniture, but not at the expense of it lasting just 5 minutes. As boring as it sounds practicality should always win hands down when choosing outdoor café furniture, so it pays to look at it from this perspective and don’t let your heart rule your head.

Storage and maintenance

It might seem like a real pain but by storing your café furniture out of the elements when not in use or by covering it with a protective tarpaulin can prolong the life of your furniture tremendously. Also try to follow a regular pattern of cleaning and maintenance as per the furniture guidelines. Manufacturers want you to get the best out of your furniture and will therefore recommend best care practices, so you’d be shooting yourself in the foot if you didn’t comply with them.

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