Industrial Furniture – Love It Or Hate It, It’s Here To Stay!

It’s certainly no secret that industrialised fittings, décor and furniture have been on the rise over the last 2 or 3 years with the trend firmly routed in the café, restaurant and bar scene. That said it’s not to everyone’s taste and for many it’s a step too far from the cosy and often twee café furniture that adorns most eateries. Despite this many up and coming establishments are marking their arrival by embracing the industrial style in a big way; and in areas such as Melbourne and Sydney they’re becoming a popular place to hang out and be seen.

So what’s the definition of industrial style anyway?

There are many different styles of industrial furniture and it’s fair to say that some are probably more practical than others. However what really defines the term ‘industrial’ and brings them altogether is that the item (either original, or in another re-invented form) was once used in either a factory or a warehouse setting. It mightn’t resemble anything remotely to what it was, but the fact that the piece of steel, timber or wrought iron once beat to the monotonous drum of heavy industry means that it’s good enough to be classed as industrial furniture.

Why is it so popular?

For lovers of industrial furniture, fittings and fixtures it represents something of opposites. Just like Yin and Yang. On the one hand you’ve got the Yin of heavy industry- the coal, the steam, the blood sweat and tears that went into making every item. On the other you have the Yang of modernity, a world where virtually anything can be achieved at the click of a mouse. Total opposites but ultimately one piece of furniture.

For the café, restaurant owner, the reasons for choice are often less aesthetic and more practical. Industrial furniture is going to be extremely well-built. Moreover it’s going to withstand the rigours of a bustling café like no other piece of furniture would. In other words, when you buy a piece of industrial furniture, it might not come cheap, but it’s likely to outlast, you, your customers and your café. How’s that for longevity?

And finally……

If applied properly, industrial style furniture blends effortlessly with virtually any décor or style…and that really is the beauty of it.

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