Mix And Match Cafe Chairs – Pull Up A Seat And See How It’s Done!

Your cafe space doesn’t have to be filled with rows and rows of ‘same old, same old‘ chairs. Instead to stand out from the crowd, how about mixing and matching your cafe seating! Do it properly and it can give off a cool, funky eclectic look, but get it wrong and your customers might think you have a mental disorder or at the very least…bad taste. Whether you already have a collection of odd furniture, or alternatively you’re setting out to buy a mixed set of cafe furniture from the off, grab yourself a cuppa, pull up a chair and see how it’s done.


Mixed seating works best when it’s in obvious opposite pairings. This may be something like wood and metal, old and new, functional and design led. Whatever you decide, even though it may first appear like a mismatch of styles, there remains a theme running through. This is important. For example how about pairing the rustic timber bentwood chair with the contemporary metal bentwood chair. Or how about pairing similar Scandinavian designs with radically different styles. For example the drop chair in a duck-egg blue would look great paired with the Olive chair in black. Finally, what about the comfort of a rustic Parisienne cafe chair, paired with the sparseness of a student chair?


When it comes to mixing and matching colours you can be as bold or as subtle as you like. Tolix stools and chairs for example come in a multitude of colours, as does the humble polyprop chair, so why not have some serious fun. How about mixing sunburst yellow with deep blue and add in accents of burnt orange for a warm tropical look. Alternatively, why not opt for jet black and white for a monochrome feel, and throw in a shocking pink or two for the shear hell of it.

Styles within styles

Finally how about mixing styles within styles. For a great look, take a theme like Industrial and mix and match Tolix stools with drum stools and Detroit drawing chairs. The look should be an eclectic but one that fits into a style or genre nevertheless.

The bottom line to take from all this is that if you can’t make a connection between the styles, whether it’s opposites, styles or colours it isn’t going to work.

Here at Cafe Solutions we have a wide variety of commercial-grade cafe furniture for you to mix and match. Log on and browse or call us for assistance on 07 3205 1616.

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