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Mix It Up With Ottoman Chic

Ottoman chicIf you’re looking to stand out from the crowd with your cafe furniture then aside from the usual tables and chairs you might want to think about using Ottomans. Otherwise known as foot stools or pouffes they’ve been an integral part of our cultural furniture since the ate 18th century where they were brought to Europe by the (yes you’ve guessed it) Ottoman Empire. Coming in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and designs they’re the perfect accompaniment for a cafe looking for a relaxed casual feel.

How best to use them

Ottomans also come in a wide variety of sizes too so why not think about Ottomans of varying heights. If for instance you have lower tables with casual seating then scatter a couple of Ottomans about too. Perfect for use as a coffee table they tend to take up less room. If you’re going for a true Middle Eastern feel then why not discard the formality of tables and chairs completely and surround them with throws and floor cushions. What better way to drink a cup of soothing mint tea. Alternatively how about funking it up by mixing and matching a variety of shades and colours. Burnt oranges, deep reds, and whites can give a contemporary look which really stands out. Besides by grouping them in a variety of colours, your guests get a choice which is always a good talking point.

Impromptu seating

Perhaps the best thing about Ottomans is that they can be moved around to create a different look as and when you feel like it. How about moving them under a window to create an impromptu seating opportunity? Alternatively, if your cafe gets busy then they can be moved around to suit the needs of your customers. In fact the humble Ottoman gives you the opportunity to really experiment with layouts until you find one that suits you.

Warm and welcoming

There’s nothing more welcoming than when you enter a home and the host invites you to ‘pull up a foot stool’ and that’s in effect what you’re saying to your customers when they enter your venue. Ottomans shun formality in preference for casual relaxation and this is really what the best café’s are all about.

Here at Cafe Solutions we have a wide range of stunning commercial-grade Ottomans that are just perfect for your venue. Why not take a look online or alternatively contact us directly on 07 3205 1616 to see what we have to offer. Finally if you’re in the Brendale area then why not come down to our warehouse and see for yourself.

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