Outdoor Furniture and Design Ideas For Your Café

With summer hotting up in Brisbane there’s never been a better time to look at ways of making your terrace more appealing and of attracting passers by to your café. Here’s a few tips for outdoor furniture and design ideas which are sure to wow your customers.

Using a colour wheel

If you’ve come unstuck when deciding what colour cushions to pair with your rattan chairs for example then you can easily overcome this problem by using a colour wheel. It’s a sure-fire way of determining just what colours work with or against each other. One rule is to choose colours directly opposite each other on the wheel or to choose colours which complement each other. For example you could use a bold match of orange and turquoise pattern cushions with rattan furniture and introduce some plain white parasols to prevent the design from overwhelming everything else.

Balancing bright with light

Bold colourful furniture such as in our range of Specta chairs is ideal for adding colour to a terrace but left to themselves they can overpower even in a large area. Instead balance the bright colour with a lighter one such as using white tables and pale wood decking.

Stick to a one colour palette

If you happen to have a terrace are that’s awash with colourful shrubs and flowers then it pays to let them take centre stage and furnish your space with low key pieces in the same soft shades. For example our ash timber and aluminium chairs paired with a light wood table would blend easily into the background.

Ornamentation and accents

If you’re perfectly happy with your outdoor café furniture then you can give your terrace a quick up-date by focusing on ornamentation and accents. They’re generally much cheaper than furniture and if you’re a smart shopper you can change your look with the seasons. For example you could add some metallic tea light holders to lighten up your terrace if you open at night or you could use a few linen table runners to add some texture.

Throw out traditional design rules

For a more eclectic look why not embrace creativity and fun and forget all about design rules. For a casual space such as your terrace you could hang clusters of colourful paper lanterns from the trees and set out a mishmash of colourful café chairs around fairly neutral coloured tables or place some sofas with a variety of different coloured and patterned cushions adorning them.

Limit the materials

If your terrace area has been stripped down to bare brick walls and faded timber decking then keep things simple by using plain wood chairs and tables or combine wood and metal with our replica Tolix chairs with timber seats. Add a hint of colour with a few pots filled with the same colour flowers. The emphasis here is really on the exterior façades.

If you want to experiment with colour on your terrace then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a wide assortment of colourful café chairs for outside and tables, as well as Ottomans and rattan furniture. What’s more we’re committed to offering low prices and will price match as well as offer a discount with our VIP program. Why not check out our online store at www.cafesolutions.com.au or call us directly on 07 3205 1616.

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