So Just What Is A DryBar Table Used For?

You may have come across the term ‘Drybar Table’ and not been sure what it is, so we thought we’d post a short blog about these special tables and what they’re used for.

Dry bar tables vary in style and design but here at Cafe Solutions they’re basically a table which is considerably higher than a standard table. Ours are 110cm in height and support either round or square table tops which are 60cm in diameter. A bar table is essentially the same height as a bar or counter top and is intended for serving drinks and snacks at bar height.

Some dry bar furniture is designed to hold bar equipment such as bottles, openers, napkins, and appetiser plates. They’re usually the same height as the counter to make the preparation of drinks that much easier. Some are built into rooms and many are even more elaborate and contain wine racks, shelves and even mini fridges.

The difference between a dry bar and a wetbar is that the former does not contain a sink. Because there is no sink in a piece of dry bar furniture it’s cheaper to buy and easier to accommodate, since it can be positioned almost anywhere in the room.

Practical and versatile

Our drybar tables are useful for positioning in tight corners and awkward spaces where it would be a struggle to place a standard sized table. Because they stand high and the 4 star base is relatively compact they will slot into corners and work well with a couple of bar stools sat around them. If you were to place a candle on the table, then effectively you have an intimate corner for two people to sit together.

Our drybar tables also act as a great way of maximising your floor space and getting more bottoms on seats, which is how you generate more profits. It’s often a problem at your busiest times that single diners can be sat at a table designed for 4 people and this prevents others from wanting to sit there. As a solution, drybar tables can be sat along the edge of one wall and used for single diners or couples to sit and enjoy a drink or snack without using the space offered by a table for 4.

In addition a drybar table is handy to place in corners where if customers are standing around in groups, they can be used to place down their drink or snack.

Werzalit drybar tables

Our drybar tables are made by Werzalit and come in a wide range of colours and finishes all sat on a sleek and shiny aluminium base. The tops are scratch and stain resistant, as well as being heat resistant, UV treated and waterproof, which means you can also use them outdoors if you wish and they will withstand the harsh Australian climate without issue.

So maybe now you know what they can be used for, you might consider buying some for your establishment. Why not visit our site and take a look for yourself at

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