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The Advantages Of Poly-Prop Cafe Furniture

premium-chair-with-arms-in-mint-greenIt’s fair to say that people don’t normally associate plastic seating with trendy city café’s and restaurants. However for many establishments throughout Australia they’ve fast become the ‘go to’ chair of choice. Why? Because they have a multitude of advantages. Let’s take a closer look.

They’re nothing like you imagine them to be

When most people think of plastic seating it generally prompts visions of uncomfortable battleship grey furniture that many people were unfortunate enough to endure during their school days. Alternatively they might think of those brightly coloured kiddies chairs found in playgroups or in the kiddies corner of certain well known fast food chains. However over the last decade of so, there has been an explosion in design and nowadays the poly-prop chair can be a real statement piece. So much so in fact that cafe furniture retailers offer a wide variety of funky designs that really stand out. Rather than being dull, uncomfortable, and quite frankly boring, modern cafe poly-prop chairs have the ability to turn heads.

They’re durable and affordable

The two main factors cafe owners look for when purchasing new furniture is that it needs to be durable enough to withstand the rigours of a busy cafe, but it needs to be cheap enough to buy (particularly when purchasing multiples) without breaking the budget. The good news is that poly-prop chairs fit into both of these categories. Because they’re moulded from one single piece of plastic they’re a fraction of the cost of a wooden counterpart and as mentioned above, poly-prop chairs are much more fun.

More surprisingly however is that they’re incredibly durable. If you choose polypropylene furniture that has been AFRDI tested, it’s resistant to just about anything, This means it won’t fade, warp, or crack, making it ideal for venues with a high customer turnover.

They’re funky

Let’s face it, no matter how much you dress up a wooden chair – funky it aint! On the contrary, poly-prop chairs come in a kaleidoscope of colours from purple and red to shocking pink, sunburst yellow, and mint green. In fact if you can imagine a colour, you’ll find it in the form of a poly-prop chair. Ultimately they help to make your establishment stand out from the crowd and in this day and age where competition is rife, this isn’t such a bad thing.

They’re easy on the environment

While you mightn’t normally associate plastic as being eco-friendly, much of the plastic used nowadays in furniture is made using polymers that are less toxic. What’s more some furniture even utilises recycled plastic. In addition if you’re replacing wooden furniture with plastic, you’ll be saving a whole host of trees in the process.

At Cafe Solutions for the month of October we’re running special offers on a wide range of Poly-Prop cafe furniture where you can browse and buy for a fraction of the price. Contact us on 07 3205 1616 to find out more or check out our website directly.

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