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The Growing Significance Of Stylish Restaurant Tables and Chairs Within The Hospitality Industry

comfortable cafe furnitureVenues that serve quality food and drink have always been popular and understandably so. After all we all tend to remember the place where we had a great meal or received top notch service right? However in the 21st century serving great food isn’t the only factor that makes great café’s, bistros, and restaurants really stand out from the competition. Nowadays furniture plays a significant part too.

The expectation factor

The problem is that we customers are a demanding lot. Aside from great food and drink we also expect to receive great customer service, relax in an environment that’s been well presented, and sit in stylish, comfy furniture too. This means that there’s a growing significance to provide relaxing furniture for paying customers. To explain why we’ve become this way, we need to travel back in time. Well a few years anyway!

In bygone days

Turn the clock back twenty five years or so and café’s were completely different places. Back then there was no free Wi-Fi. People could have been forgiven for thinking that a barista was a new type of sandwich, and you were even thought to be incredibly Bohemian if you ordered a cappuccino. In fact café’s were places where people usually grabbed a quick coffee either on the way to work or after doing the school run. Whatever the case they weren’t really designed for people to linger for any length of time. Some café’s were even known to deliberately install furniture that wasn’t too comfortable, just because they wanted to turn tables quickly and didn’t want people hanging around.

So what’s changed?

Now a cafe is more than just a place where you can grab a quick espresso. They’re social places where people come together to chat and relax. The advent of Wi-Fi means that café’s have become places of work for the growing number of freelancers and in the case of the coffee chain that’s represented by the big green mermaid (you know the one!), café’s are even marketed as the ‘third place‘ – a kind of undefinable space that represents an area or time somewhere between between home and work. The bottom line is that people are spending increasing amounts of time frequenting their favourite cafe and as a result stylish, comfortable furniture really does plays a key factor in the whole customer experience.

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