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Tips On Creating An Individual Café

With a plethora of chain cafés springing up all over the streets of Australia competition has never been so high for independent cafés. With so many cafés of similar design it’s crucial to set yours apart by offering something different. To get more people into your café try offering an individual menu such as specialist pastries, fair-trade coffee, or meals created from locally sourced produce. Determine the market your café will target, whether it’s young professionals, young mums, eco friendly, or vegetarian, and then create a menu that targets that particular audience.

Furnish your café to appeal to your target audience

Make sure you furnish your café accordingly. If you’re targeting young professionals create an ultra modern look using white walls, exposed brickwork, tolix furniture and stainless steel tables. You should also incorporate a statement piece of artwork to draw the eye to a focal point, perhaps utilising your menu. If it’s young mums that you’re targeting then use a colourful décor with easy to wide down chairs and tables, colourful artwork on the walls and even the odd sofa for added comfort.

Brand is all important

Make sure you have a logo that is instantly recognisable and use this on your staff uniforms and menus. You could even have it printed on serviettes and sachets of sugar, anything to let your customers know just who you are and to easily recognise your café. When it comes to recruiting staff make sure that you employ a rounded team of individuals with a mixture of experiences so that they can give their opinion to customers when being asked what type of coffee and menu options to choose. Friendly bubbly individuals who engage well with people make the best employees, as they usually form good customer relations which makes customers return time and time again. So choose your staff very carefully.

Promote the opening or re-vamping of your café with a special opening day and invite suppliers and local businesses, as well as sending out marketing material with special offers to entice customers to the event. Offer complementary coffee and a sample menu and remember to invite the food critic from your local newspaper to cover the event.

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