What Makes A Good Café A Great Café?

what makes a good cafeThere’s no denying that Australians love a good cup of coffee and new cafés are sprouting up on street corners with alarming regularity. However, in order to survive this fast approaching saturated market, a café needs to offer something a little bit special to stand itself out from its competitors.

So what makes for a good café? Is is great coffee and tasty food? How about a warm and inviting atmosphere? Perhaps it’s free WiFi or a stack of up-to-date magazines? Having visited numerous cafés on our travels this is our idea of the top 6 things that make a good café great.

Good coffee

Most of us are more picky about our coffee beans than ever before and for us if a café can’t serve a delicious cup of coffee which lingers on the taste buds and fills us with a warm and pleasurable feeling, then we won’t be going there again.

Free wi-fi

If like us you’re practically joined at the hip to your phone or tablet, then you’ll probably agree that when stopping for a cup of coffee most of us want to be able to check out the latest news, connect to our emails, or even shop online. Sure wi-fi is an added expense for a café owner but if gets the customers lingering longer and ordering another coffee or bite to eat, then it’s an expense worth incurring.

Tasty affordable food

Cafés are supposed to be casual places where you can hang out with friends or meet a client so we don’t expect Michelin starred food. What we do expect is good tasty well presented food that makes you want to eat there again and at prices which don’t leave a huge dent in your wallet.

Comfortable furniture

If we’re going to be sitting drinking coffee and eating a snack then I don’t know about you, but we like café furniture that looks attractive and is strong and sturdy. It’s also good if there are a few sofas or tub chairs dotted around too.


Any café that has newspapers and magazines available to read also scores extra bonus points. If you’re looking to enjoy a coffee and re-charge your batteries then it’s nice to lose yourself for 15 minutes or so with a good read.

A good vibe

Finally the most important aspect of a good café is for us the vibe that you experience. It’s getting the right balance of calm and liveliness without it becoming chaotic. A café has many purposes. Sometimes it’s a place to study, other times it’s a place to meet first dates, or it can be simply to meet other people and brainstorm a few ideas. In other words a café is somewhere between home and work. A sort of third place which is both sociable and comfortable.

We may not be able to influence 5 of the points above but we do have a great range of café furniture to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you’re looking for tables and chairs, Ottomans, stools, or even tub chairs, then we’ve got it covered.

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