What To Look For When Choosing The Perfect Café Chairs For Your Establishment

It probably comes as no surprise that in the café business, getting the right image is key. Just imagine the reaction of your customers when they walk into your café only to be greeted with plastic garden chairs on which to sit on. It just wouldn’t be right. The bottom line is that chairs play a big part in the ambience of a café, restaurant or bistro. So much so in fact that you can serve the best coffee in the world, but if your chairs aren’t right it can affect the overall balance of your establishment and ultimately your business! So just what do you look for when purchasing the perfect chairs?

Hardwood chairs

Hardwood chairs seem to have been around in one form or another since the dawn of civilisation, but not without good reason. They’re durable and long lasting and are built to withstand the demands of a busy café, restaurant or bistro. They come in a wide variety of designs from simple and functional to ornate and elegant. They can easily be mixed and matched to fit in with a wide variety of themes styles and designs and if you want to inject some colour, then they work perfectly well with cushions.

Chairs to suit your location

One criteria you might want to think about is choosing the right type of chair to fit your location/clientèle For instance, if you are opening a café in an uber-trendy and modern part of town then you might want to go for cutting-edge styling or an industrial feel. This being the case you might want to opt for super-cool aluminium seating. If on the other hand your café is located in a city suburbs and your clientèle is more likely to be mums popping in after the school run, then a more relaxed style of seating such as couches and ottomans may be better suited.

Used furniture

A great way to purchase quality furniture on the cheap is to by used restaurant furniture. According to various surveys, a restaurant is the business that’s most likely to fail in it’s first year and unfortunately many do. For this reason there’s never any shortage of used chairs to be had. The fact is that used chairs have a certain warmth about them as they already have that ‘broken in’ feel and as as result they’re probably going to appeal to your customers more.

So there you have it! Take your time do your homework and choose wisely, because you can’t afford to get your café seating wrong. Here at Cafe Solutions we offer a wide range of café seating at great value for money prices. So why not check out our website or contact us on (07) 3205 1616 and see what we have in stock.

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