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Good Design Tips for Busy Restaurants

An appealing design, welcoming ambience, tasty food, and great customer service are all factors which contribute to the overall success of a restaurant. While many restauranteurs offer mouth-watering dishes, this can sometimes be undermined if factors like good design aren’t incorporated to provide a great customer dining experience. Many of the problems faced by restaurants […]

Air Chairs – Perfect For Stylish Alfresco Dining

Our air chairs have proved so popular that we’ve now added matching tall stools to enable our customers to create an even more stylish outdoor dining space. Brisbane lends itself to outdoor dining, which is why, if you don’t make use of outdoor space, you’re really missing a trick. You’ll be surprised at how an […]

Looking Back at the History of Bentwood Chairs

The sinuous curves of bentwood chairs are synonymous with timeless European cafe chic. Yet, while today we take this style pretty much for granted when it first came out in the late 19th century, it was revolutionary and marked an exciting departure from the large chunky furniture that had been all the rage. Who invented […]